(Oneiric) I want to login without a password, but I do not want to set the password blank

Asked by Mystic-Mirage on 2011-09-25

I always set up a login without a password. But in Oneiric to do this, I need to set the password blank, which makes it impossible to perform most administrative tasks, as they require a password, but do not take empty password. How do I get the behavior as in previous versions?

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When you install it you can tell it to automatically login. Also, if you go to the system-settings- and then user accounts, you can set the login to no require a password.

Mystic-Mirage (mystic-mirage) said : #2

I do not want to login automatically. I want to login without password. But in Oneiric I can't find setting like "do not require a password" in user accounts.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having security on your machine? Why would you want to do that?
In this case I don't know how you'd go about doing that.

Mystic-Mirage (mystic-mirage) said : #4

I would like to login without a password, but I just want to be able to select a user to login.

This question is not about security. Besides, when you login without a password, the system still requires a password to perform administrative tasks. But in Oneiric I can not get this behavior. In Natty and older releases I can.

wensveen (wensveen) said : #5

I have the same problem. My two kids (6 and 3) are quite apt at using the computer, but don't type very well (6yo does, but still). They used to be able to turn on the computer and just use it, but now they can't login (blank password is not accepted). So I'll either have to give them passwords, or configure LightDM to accept blank passwords. If the 2nd option is at all possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mystic-Mirage (mystic-mirage) said : #6

@wensveen, I'm saying about other thing. I can login with blank password.

And I found the solution to my problem.

1. Open Terminal.
1.1. Log in superuser mode: sudo su -
1.2. Enter your password.
2. Leave the terminal window open.
3. Set login without a password in the settings of the user account.
4. Go to the terminal and set the password again by passwd command.

Now when you login, no password will be required, but the administrative tasks can be performed.

wensveen (wensveen) said : #7

Hi Aleksandr,
Thanks! Your steps worked perfectly. I needed to use "passwd -d username" to delete their password.

Since the accounts involved have no administrative rights, they can't perform administrative tasks unless they provide my password (which they do not know, and probably could not type either :) )

Problem solved perfectly!

Mystic-Mirage (mystic-mirage) said : #8

With my solution update-manager installs updates without password.

wensveen (wensveen) said : #9

Hmm, but your user has administrative rights and no password? That would cause this behaviour, I guess. But I'd strongly advice against it. I'd say users with any admin rights at all should have a password. Other users with no rights or very limited rights can have a blank password.

A situation where a user with admin rights can login without a password but needs his password when those rights are needed, is not possible, I think. Although... you can have this user auto-login (this is not what you want, I know), but this means there is some possibility to login without a password.

Mystic-Mirage (mystic-mirage) said : #10

> A situation where a user with admin rights can login without a password
> but needs his password when those rights are needed, is not possible, I
> think.

A situation you describes possible (and works perfectly) on Natty and
older releases. I need that behavior on Oneiric.

wensveen (wensveen) said : #11

Ah, I didn't know that. You should file a bug report then.

I had the same question and found that someone has already provided a very sweet solution, but it is somewhat hidden. This way I (or actuallly my kids) still have to provide a password when performing administrative tasks which I exactly the way I like it.

I found an existing group called 'nopasswdlogin' which does indeed provide this functionality.
Simply add the users you would like to login without password to this group, either by editing the /etc/group file (be careful) or by using the 'usermod' command:
> sudo usermod -a -G nopasswdlogin username
where 'username' is the name of the user that you would like this behavior for.

wensveen (wensveen) said : #13

Cool. Thanks for sharing!