How to arrange a numbered list in alphabetical order?

Asked by Bhaskar Chawla

I've made a numbered list of names in libre writer and I want to arrange the names in alphabetical order. Also, I want to make it so that if I add more names, they're arranged alphabetically.

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Tony Pursell
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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

I don't know if LibreOffice can do this. But you can use this:

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

what do you mean by numbered list? are the numbers in a separate columns than the names?
or are they in the same column and is part of the name?

no spreadsheet will auto alphabetize your list. you have to sort it manually via data>sort

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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

You can sort almost anything in LO. As said above, you can sort in a spreadsheet with Data > Sort. With Writer, in a text document, it can be done with Tools > Sort. Even a simple list like

1 John
2 Alan
3 Abdul
4 Ivan
6 Fred

can be sorted on column 2 by selecting it all and specifying a space as the separating character.

However, the auto updating of a sorted list when new items are added is much more challenging and I cannot, at the moment, think of how you can do it easily. The only thing I can think of is to use Base, the database application, where you can put data items into a table and show the data in sorted order in a Report.

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Bhaskar Chawla (bhaskarchawla90) said :

My list is exactly like that one but this solution is not working. I tried to sort column 2 using alphanumeric key type in ascending order but all it does is reverse the list.

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Best Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

In Tools > Sort, I had:

Key 1: checked
Column: 2 selected
Key type: Alphanumeric selected
Order: Ascending checked
Direction: Rows checked (this is the only available option)
Separator: Character checked and an explicit space entered in the box

Note: if you do not have an explicit space entered in the box, you will get a descending sort on the number.

Also, check by using Ctrl-F10 that you have just 1 space after the number and a new paragraph at the end of each line.

You might also consider changing your list into a table with Table > Convert > Text to Table. Sorting in Tables is a bit easier as it doesn't need separating characters. If you use a table, you may want to set 'No Borders' in Table > Table Properties.

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Bhaskar Chawla (bhaskarchawla90) said :

Thanks Tony Pursell, that solved my question.