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The packaged version of libdbd-sybase-perl is based on version 1.00, which was release before September 2003. This version lacks support for utilising the host/port combination when writing a connect string, bypassing freetds.conf. Due to this, some of the documentation on how to achieve tasks that exist on the internet (such as connecting to instances on MSSQL), and on the sites related to the module, does not work as expected.
The current version (1.10) was released in April 2010, so that is not unexpected that it hasn't made it into the 10.04 release (which is a shame), but the 1.09 version was released on 31st August 2008, so it could be expected that this version would be included as a base package.
Currently, I work by downloading and compiling the latest version to give me the required functionality, but it would be useful to have a current version by default, rather than a highly deprecated version.
Is there a plan in place to upgrade this to a current (or at least far more recent) version?

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Tom (tom6) said :

Hi :)

I think getting this translated in time for the 10.04 release date is highly unlikely. Hopefully after the release date this could be added to the repositories? I don't know how viable that is but i just wanted to point out that other teams, such as the Translators Team have not got enough time for last minute changes before the release date. I think there is a package freeze at the moment?

If it is acceptable then please post this question again in about 1 months time and hopefully more could be done about it then?

I am not entirely sure about any of this. It is probably that i am only half understanding a bunch of unrelated things and putting it all together wrong.
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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Rich James (richard-james) said :

Thanks for the fast answer Tom! Much appreciated.
I wasn't expecting anything for release on 10.04 (that ship sailed long ago), but it was more to sound out whether there were plans to get this area updated, or if there weren't, how I'd go about doing it.
I'll mark this as 'answered' for now, and try and remember to re-post the question in about a month when the dust settles from the 10.04 release.. :)

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Tom (tom6) said :

Ahah, in that case you might be interested in this link

If you scroll up and down a bit from there you might find a more precise section. I got the link from

Good luck with this! Definitely a good thing to start getting involved with & should hopefully be a rich, rewarding experience.
Regards from
Tom :)