Dependency problems with libavcodec53 and libavcodec-extra-53

Asked by Stefan Freyr

I have libavcodec53 installed but I want to install libavcodec-extra-53 instead. From what I understand the latter should include everything from the former plus some other codecs (like libx264 which is what I need installed).

However, when I try to install libavcodec-extra-53 in aptitude I get a broken dependency violation and no matter how hard I've tried, I can't seem to figure out what exactly is causing it. Part of it is that libavcodec53 conflicts with it but other packages should declare a dependancy on "libavcodec53 | libavcodec-extra-53" that is, either one of these two.

It seems that either, some package can't handle using libavcodec-extra-53 instead of libavcodec53 (I haven't been able to find what package that could be) or the package management system can't handle the transition from libavcodec53 to libavcodec-extra-53 because it seems to have implications with other packages.

Can anyone tell me what the best way to move from libavcodec53 to libavcodec-extra-53 is?

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Stefan Freyr (stefan-freyr) said :

Ok, I think I'm getting a little bit closer.

I have libavutil-dev installed which depends on libavutil51. However, when I replace libavcodec53 with libavcodec-extra-53, libavutil51 is removed and libavutil-extra-51 installed instead.

So, libavutil-dev depends on libavutil51 but if I'm not mistaken, it should depend on libavutil51 | libavutil-extra-51.

Note that there is no libavutil-extra-dev.

If anybody knows something about this I'd appreciate any input.

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Stefan Freyr (stefan-freyr) said :

Ok it seems to have been reported:

The above is a duplicate of the following:

which is being worked on so fingers crossed this happens soon.