Kubuntu Precise crashing frequently

Asked by mebuntu on 2012-04-28

Hi, I have made a fresh installation of the above and it's crashing every half-hour. Unfortunately it's been impossible to gather diagnostics, what should I do?

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mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #1

Actually, it may be system monitor that's being badly behaved. I'll run without it and see what happened. I had switched off all the display effects yesterday evening but it still crashed after that so I'll switch them back on.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #2

Still crashing without system monitor running. It crashes and reboots without warning.

I suggest you test your RAM from memtest from Grub.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #4

Thanks Mr. Parsnip, I'll do that. I don't think it is a memory issue as Natty's been working fine for a year or more.
Anyway, I'll do the test and report back.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #5

Of course, I realise the deliberate mistake - I've been using Natty since it was released, which is not a year :(.
I ran memtest and all was fine. Repartitioned my HDD and installed Natty again; of course it hasn't crashed and that's what I'm using now.
I've got two o/s partitions now, one for Precise Parsnip, I mean Precise Pangolin, and the other for Natty Narwahl.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #6

At my peril, I decided to upgrade my kernel to 3.3.3-030303 .... this is a last resort, otherwise Precise will be left to hibernate and I'll go back to Natty.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #7

Well, don't know if it's "fixed" but 3.3.3-030303 hasn't crashed once!

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #8

Well, I reinstalled Precise from the alternate CD. It crashed within seconds of logging in. I logged in to command line and upgraded (new kernel increment) and it still kept crashing. I used dpkg to install the 3.3.3-030303 kernel and it hasn't crashed since.

It would be good if someone who knows more than me could confirm that the 3.2.x kernels are unstable?

I'm marking this as solved anyway.

mebuntu (salsa-temps) said : #9

As an addendum, I created extra partitions on my main drive for Natty and Precise, so that I can always use Natty to fix stuff, if Precise is failing. I'll do that from now on i.e. have a "current" and a "current - 1" partition. The data is on another partition too.