How to avoid akonaditray to start?

Asked by Uqbar on 2012-01-30

I have completely disable the akonadi-related functions, daemons and the likes.
The only remnant is the akonaditray.
I want it not to be spawned at all.
How to?

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Check in your KDE startup apps, as well as in ~/.kde/Autorun

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #2

There's nothing anywhere.
And, by the way, it's Autostart not Autorun.
At least in KDE v4.8.0.

My bad, not used kde in a while. If you kill the process does it stay dead?

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #4

Yes, it dies of course. But will restart at the next KDE login.

You could add run:

kate ~/.kde/Autostart/killakonaditray

and add these 2 lines:

sleep 5
killall akonaditray

close kate and run:

chmod +x ~/.kde/Autostart/killakonaditray

now when you log in the process will be killed automagically for you. This is a work around unitil you can find something more graceful. I assume the process is called akonaditray. You can check with:

ps -ef | grep akon | grep -v grep

or if you already know the process name then change it, you get the idea.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #6

This is a workaround: somewhere akonaditray gets started and I kill it later.
The solution I'm looking for is ti disable akonaditray completely!

Like I said.... You have this "unitil you can find something more graceful".....

Maybe others can advise differently but that will work.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #8

This is a solution. It's not through any KDE GUI, though.