how to recover kubuntu-desktop

Asked by groovydaddy on 2011-06-13

I made a very big mistake... I was in the Kubuntu Synaptic/KApplicationCenter/(whatever its called) cleaning up some applications I didn't feel I needed to make more disk space available. Apparently, some of the stuff I deleted was dependency software for the kubuntu-desktop, so upon the uninstall of the software, kubuntu-desktop was also uninstalled... I told you I made a big mistake! :)

My computer turns on, loads the KDM, and allows me to sign on. There is nothing on the screen after I sign on though -- just the mouse. I'm sure this is fixable, I'm just not sure how to fix it. Would it be best to use a live CD to recover my files and do a fresh install? I'm using Kubuntu 11.04. Thanks for your help.

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The kubuntu-desktop package is a hollow metapackage and removing it does nothing at all. If you log in as a different user, is it ok?

groovydaddy (groovydaddy) said : #2

Thanks for the suggestion 'actionparsnip.'

I didn't set up any other users on my system. The way Ubuntu is set up, you can't log in as root (or at least it won't let me log in as root), and I have no other way of getting in to create a new user since I have nothing but a black screen and a mouse when I log in.

You can create another user and login as that

groovydaddy (groovydaddy) said : #4

I was able to access KRunner by using Alt + F2 and ran "kdesu konsole". This allowed me to open my console emulator to "apt-get update," "apt-get upgrade," and "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop." I then ran the command "reboot," and everything loaded just as it was.

Problem solved. Thanks again for your help with this issue 'actionparsnip'.