How to avoid mysql5 from kubuntu-desktop?

Asked by Uqbar on 2010-08-09

Installing kubuntu-desktop results in pulling a full blown mysql server.
I don't like this and presume than only a few KDE application require mysql.
Which ones?
If I pull them off my PC I can avoid mysql. Is this true?

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Amarok is one I am aware of.

if you only install kde-core you will get a minimum KDE. You can then add from there. This is the beauty of the minimal ISO. You add what you want rather than using a predefined suite. Install kubuntu-desktop may give you a tonne of fluff you don't wantor need.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #2

Amarok has not mysql5 among its dependencies! There's "libmysqlclient16" which is needed to eventually connect to a mysql server. But the server is not mandatory.

I thought it used sqllite or mysql for its music library....
Either way, kde-core will avoid it.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #4

kubuntu-desktop has already been installed and is in use right now.
Uninstalling it to install kde-core would compromise the whole system, while uninstalling a few applications wouldn't.

true but from the tone it sounded like a proposed install, not a current one. If you use apt-get to uninstall sql but DON'T give the final yes to ACTUALLY make it happen, you can see the apps depending on it. After you have reviiewed the list, PRESS 'N' to cancel the uninstall.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #6

The following packages will be REMOVED:
  akonadi-server* kaddressbook* kdebase-workspace-bin* kdepim-groupware* kdepim-runtime* kdepim-wizards* kmail* knotes* kontact* korganizer*
  kscreensaver* kscreensaver-xsavers* kubuntu-desktop* mysql-server-core-5.1* plasma-widgets-workspace*

Among the various bits also kdebase-workspace-bin and plasma-widgets-workspace would be removed!
Which for sure would yield to an unusable environment.
Again, I think that actually knowing which application needs the mysql server would solve my problem.

It seems I need to manually look into each package as there seems to be no such answer out there.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #7

By the way, it's the akonadi-server component to require mysql-server-core!
I've been lucky enough to guess at the first attempt the right package.
My problem seems to arise from dependency trees which (oddly to me) involve kdebase-workspace-bin and plasma-widgets-workspace. If I accept to remove these two packages I end up with a useless mutilated KDE.
Will post another separate question on this.

Uqbar (uqbar) said : #8

And, by the way, there's not any kde-core nor kde4-core package in Ubuntu.

ok it's kde-minimal

my bad