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Asked by Fliker-09 on 2007-07-07

Hello to everybody!
I speak english not very well but I will try to explain correctly my question. I use uTorrent under Wine but it not so convenable because performance is not very good because of big number of torrents. Also interface in not pretty. Another problem is that new version of uTorrent - 1.7 have some graphic problems. My system is Kubuntu 7.04. And I've decided to use KTorrent. It's interface is very usefull and good. But I have problem with DHT. I didn't turn it on but it continue to connect to peers from around the world. But I need to connect peers only from my country. I have a good ipfilter from uTorrent but it doesn't work. On 98% of convert it write about error. I tried to compare it with same from bluetack.co.uk but because of my experiment i've lost the file and the link :(. Please help me to write correct ipfilter file for KTorrent! Anticipate thanks very much.

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Hi There,

KTorrent has a IPFilter plugin availible which uses bluetack. If you go to Ktorrents setting and then to plugins you need to load the ipfilter plugin. Then it will appear in the left bar as an icon. You can click on this and enable it to talk with bluetack. I hope this is what you are looking for an I understand you correctly.

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Fliker-09 (fliker-09) said : #2

No because as I said I've used IPFilter from bluetack but it is not that what I need. My situation is that what I want to use my IPFilter from uTorrent. But how I can undestand I need to correctly convert it to format what KTorrent use. How to do that?

I'm afraid I don't know the uTorrent system but there is a convert system built into the IPFilter plugin which is meant to convert it to native format. Only thing I can suggest is copy the uTorrent filter .dat file locally on your linux machine and then in the IPFilter plugin browse for it and try convert.

Ok I've reread your message and see you might have tried this. Do you have the file and could maybe zip it and post it and I can take a look. Otherwise your best bet may be the forums on ktorrent.org

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Fliker-09 (fliker-09) said : #5

I've uploaded the ipfilter.dat. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/42137868/ipfilter.dat.html .

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I've found on forum page on ktorent.org the answer to my question. Link: http://ktorrent.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=451&highlight=ipfilter+dat

Glad you got your solution, happy Torrenting !

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Thanks :)

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