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I really don't understand how torrent clients work in Linux. I just recently switched on Ubuntu.
Anyway the deal is that I cannot get any upload speed with almost any torrent client but ktorrent though I do all the portforwarding.
Upload speed hardly reaches 0.5 and that sux cuz I'm risking to be banned from server for leechin'!
My connection in 1856kbit for dl and 192kbit for ul with modem-router aztech dsl-600e. Tcp port is forwarded and open. Though udp isn't forwarded it is open filtered (wonder what it means).

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Ralph Janke (txwikinger) said :

Thanks for the question.

Could it maybe be that your ISP has put a throttle on peer-2-peer filesharing traffic? Some ISPs are knon to do this,

Hope this helps.

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Ragnar (irnbld) said :

no my ISP doesn't for there was no such problem in windows.
do i have to forward udp as well?

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zzzxxx (michalski-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

i think ktorrent needs udp on some ports that it uses it wouldnt hurt to open both the tcp and udp on those ports, make sure the router port fowarding numbers are the same as the ones in ktorrent! i've made that mistake before!

also every port that is used for bittorrent connections is eventually blacklisted, that means your isp or someone else who owns a server sees that theres bittorrent content flowwing thru your computer and trys to stop it, your not in trouble! legally or technicly. simply chose a different port to use.

just in case your isp decided to suddenly start blocking the traffic you might want to check this list:

if this doesnt work postback here.

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Ragnar (irnbld) said :

No, ISP is not a problem here...

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Best zzzxxx (michalski-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

make sure your DHT is enabled and port fowarding is on for that as well,
my ISP isnt a creating problems either but when my speed was super low (i have a 15Mb download :P)
i changed my ports and it speed up so fast i got a movie in 15 minutes

other than your ISP and port forwarding you should check to make sure you have "good speed settings" if you have your computer set to download at 4mb/s and you have 5mb/s thats a tad unreasonable, bittorrent connections like working in the background so you can continue to surf and stuff so you migh want to consider having a download speed 1/5th of your overall speed. be sure you do the same for the upload speed too.

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zzzxxx (michalski-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

oh and also make sure if you have a firewall (software based) that port forwarding is on, for the applicable ports.

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Ragnar (irnbld) said :

Well I don't have problems with download speed but upload speed, 'ts still weird.. maybe noone want my torrent this bad :D
 Anywayz, 'ts nevermind now. 10x for help