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Asked by weider on 2007-05-23

How to get icq contact list from icq server?

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weider (veider) said : #1

How to get icq contact list from icq server?
After install kopete didn't get contact list from icq-server.
And my contact list is empty.

André Klitzing (misery) said : #2

Did you use the original client on windows before? Which program did you use before kopete?

Maybe you can try the ICQ-WebClient to check if there is a contact list on the icq-servers or not.

weider (veider) said : #3

Yes, I used icq-client. and I know that my contact list exists on icq-server.

André Klitzing (misery) said : #4

You can try Gaim/Pidgin (it's in the ubuntu repos) to verify that it is a problem of kopete and not a problem of icq's serverlist. :-)
If you can see your list in gaim/pidgin, you are sure that you found a bug in kopete. ;-)

maaca (mav1) said : #5

Hi I had same problem as you. Try upgrade your kopete. When I did it my contact list was downloaded from the icq-server immediately.

Best weider (veider) said : #6

Today my Kopete got contact-list from icq-server itself. :) I did nothing!!! May be there were problems on icq-server.
Thanks All for comments!!!

Same problem here.

I destroyed gaim, somehow, and so switched to kopete.

It automatically imported msn contacts but does not want to do so for icq and I don't know how to prompt it too.

I can't upgrade it, it's in it's newest version.

So.. do I have to sit and wait like weider?