I can't edit my bookmarks.

Asked by Floydian on 2007-05-13

I can add bookmarks and I can create new folders. The bookmarks I have in the bookmarks folder work properly. I just can't get in there and edit them. In particular, I want to delete a few of them. Thanks :)

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Utkarshraj Atmaram
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Utkarshraj Atmaram (utcursch) said : #1

I guess you're talking about the Nautilus file manager. Ctrl + B should open an edit bookmarks dialog.

Floydian (slowlychillin) said : #2

I don't know what Nautilus file manager is. BTW, I'm talking about Konversation IRC client for Unbuntu.

Ctrl + B adds the current channel to the bookmarks menu. The bookmarks menu has a selection called: Edit Bookmarks.

Clicking on that does nothing. I am unable to delete the bookmarks in the bookmark menu, or do anything else to them for that matter, except click on them, which of course opens up the corresponding channel.

If I could just delete the bookmarks, that would be cool.

Thanks :)

Best Utkarshraj Atmaram (utcursch) said : #3

Sorry, I completely missed the word 'konversation' in the title.

In Konversation, clicking on Bookmarks -> Edit Bookmarks should launch the Konqueror Bookmarks Editor, which will read values from the ~/.kde/share/apps/konversation/bookmarks.xml file. This works fine on my machine.

If clicking on Edit bookmarks doesn't launch the Bookmarks Editor for you, this might be a bug.

Floydian (slowlychillin) said : #4

Thanks Utkarshraj Atmaram, that solved my question.