mouseover color on nicklist

Asked by Dan on 2011-04-17

Hi guys, been setting up/configuring konversation 1.3.1 and one color i cannot get at/find is the color of the when you select/click on
a nick(in nick list), this is suppose to show IP/host info etc, but to me it appears black on black(the 'box') I have tried to find this color setting on a new konversation install but no go. I am using Ubuntu 11.04 beta2, i have setup konversation's background to black and text to white etc.

How is this set?


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Dan (daniel-heroux) said : #2

Indeed, strange how as soon as one clicks the submit button, an answer to a problem suddenly comes to mind lol

I tried playing with system settings/appearance/theme, and sure enough my konversation issue went away, but oddly, switching back to the same 'ambiance' theme, removed the black on black issue i was having in konversation, so methinks that its a 'bug' or something not quite yet fixed in natty beat2 themes.

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Maybe nick theme conflicts with interface colours.

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Dan (daniel-heroux) said : #3

Played with themes in natty beta2 fixed the black on black info box in konversation 1.3.1, re-using the ambiance theme seems to have corrected the issue, so this is a minor bug(in beta2). Now how to set the font size larger... for THAT.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone