hooking up a wireless router in kubuntu

Asked by Rick Moquin on 2007-10-01


I'm new to linux. I have the latest ver. of Kubuntu installed on my PC. When the network card is hooked up directly to the modem (from ISP) all is fine.

I have an Ativa wireless router. Of course the software that cam with it is for windows therefore pretty much useless. In the manual it does state that the router can be configured for linux apps. This is where things are not happening.

It tells me to type in the address bar of my browser to manually configure. Unfortunately, when I run my modem cable through the router to my PC, my PC says it is not connected. From the routers stand point, all is well.

Now I know the router will need to be configured manually. How do I go about it?

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Ergosys (ergosys) said : #1

So you have your PC connected to one of the router's wired ports right? What is result of following commands (type each separately in a terminal):


(Type control + C to stop ping's output)

Rick Moquin (rmoquin) said : #2


As I mentioned I have only been operating Linux for a few days, therefore I will need a little more coaching.

I am not totally computer illiterate but it has been a long time since the days of manual input (windoes will do that to you) LOL

Where do I type these commands? I have used the ping command before from the Dos promt in windows. But where to I do it here?

Ergosys (ergosys) said : #3

You need to open a terminal. "Terminal" is found under "Applications" and then "Accessories". Terminal is analogous to a DOS prompt. Use these commands instead of the ones I said (again: one at a time):

ping -c10

Ping will either print 10 lines of information or hang for 10 or so seconds. Don't use control+C. Paste the results here.

My other question--to verify the wiring: you have the following connections: PC->router->modem and are using one of the wired ports to connect the PC? If I am looking at the right router manual, the bottom port goes to your modem, use any of the top ones to go to your PC.

Ergosys (ergosys) said : #4

Oops, I forgot you are using kubuntu. My terminal directions are for Ubuntu. Someone else will have to tell you how to open a terminal in kubuntu, I'm not familiar with it. After you get a terminal open, the commands are the same.

Rick Moquin (rmoquin) said : #5

I found the terminal.

Sorry for the delay, I was at the 'puter shop a good part of the day.

Results a bad router.

Bought a new wireless router all is well.

Thank you!