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I am trying to configure a report showing my monthly business purchases. I only want it to show the amount for the categories I select, but if there are any split transactions that have these categories in them, it displays all the splits for the transaction. For example, if I have selected office supplies to be shown, it shows not only the total amount of the invoice, but also breaks it down by the amount paid for the item and the sales tax paid on that invoice even though I don't have sales tax selected. I would like to figure out how to change this so it only displays the amount of the item, and not the sales tax. I recently upgraded to 0.9 from 0.8 which did not display like this.

Thanks for any help!

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Hei Ku (asoliverez) said :

Which version do you have now? Where did you install it from?

These reports have gone through several changes in the last year.

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reidun (reidun76) said :

I have version 0.9.3-CVS. I installed it from this repository: hardy main

I forgot to say that I'm working with the Transactions section of the reports. It is strange that the report doesn't allow me to show only the information that I would like to have it show. The total at the bottom of the report is for all transactions shown on the report, not just the categories I selected. This makes the report useless to me, because it generates bad info.

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Hei Ku (asoliverez) said :

Which report are you customizing? Transactions by Account or Transactions by Category?

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reidun (reidun76) said :

Transactions by Category

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Hei Ku (asoliverez) said :

I tried a Transaction by Category report here. I clicked on custom and then Categories, and selected only a couple of categories that I know are part of an 8-split transaction. Only those two categories displayed on the report.
Using cvs version here.
Can you describe the steps you followed to customize your report?

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reidun (reidun76) said :

Ok, the problem seems only to happen to reports I imported from the previous version. I updated in March, and for my March month end reports I just modified the February report (which I had created in the old version) for March dates. But when I start from scratch by modifying Transactions by Category, the problem doesn't happen. So thank you! As far as I am concerned, the problem is solved!