kicad-- what is the best?

Asked by Tasos Sarris on 2010-06-14

I am newbie to Ubuntu, and I would like some kind of help, to find out which one program , for designing and building PCB's, is the most friendly, but also loaded with some capabilities. At the moment, I have taken a look ,at: KICAD, PCB-designer, Oregano.
I would appreciate much any help, refering to this subject.

Tasos Sarris

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

There is NO BEST app for any one task in ANY operating system. There are simply many options, each with strengths and weaknesses. It's a nonesense question. It's like asking
"What is the best beer?"
It simply doesn't exist. People will only say their favorite but there is no best. Just like their is no best operating system, no best web browser, there is no best.
Best is a comparison of personal needs and tatse to the options available, best for you may (and most likely will not) be the best for the next guy.

Has a few suggestions, see which you like then work with that one and kick the others to the curb. Or keep them to work alongside to get different things (assuming they can work on te same file format).

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Tasos Sarris (tasos-lists) said :

I guess you are right. I think, I have not expressed my question the right way. Obviously, there is no best, for all the things.
On the other hand, I just wanted to ask "what is the best for you", but in this case , the best for you , may not be the best for me!
Up to now, I had no chance to use one of them, and decide which one will suit best my needs. I just want to make a start, since I find a couple of them on the net, and will be a waste of time to explore all. Waste of time since I really do,not have much time available , and mostly I had no experiences before, which would help me decide accordingly.

thanks for your post