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Summary Created Submitter Assignee Status
Solved 660005 Upgrade to 2.37 2017-10-26 09:55:00 UTC Martin Dünkelmann Solved
Answered 294125 update to v2.33? 2016-05-24 09:08:41 UTC Marien Grashoff Answered
Answered 233130 Is Keepass2.18 in precise see update to 2.23? 2013-07-28 03:27:09 UTC Jesús Morales Answered
Solved 180041 Installed KeePass and cannot find it 2011-11-26 03:26:34 UTC Joe Roehr Solved
Solved 173579 KeePass2 in Lucid regression after libmono2.0 update 2011-10-07 17:57:08 UTC Byron Gibson Solved
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