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Summary Created Submitter Assignee Status
Solved 98874 Kate crash at start while segfault 2010-01-27 14:19:32 UTC starslights Solved
Solved 93979 Kate FTP Connection Error 2009-12-13 22:43:59 UTC Jeffery Solved
Solved 91082 Kate Language Settings 2009-11-21 01:54:47 UTC Carolyn Solved
Solved 86465 When using Kate Text Editor, I try to open the built-in Terminal, but all I see is a gray window under my code. How do I use this built-in terminal? 2009-10-21 02:02:25 UTC Guille Solved
Solved 84470 I want to open files on a server in kate from the terminal 2009-10-01 19:19:41 UTC dlebauer Solved
Answered 79427 Terminal wont work 2009-08-07 21:12:11 UTC Esteban Answered
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