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Asked by Bob on 2009-10-18

4.2.2 in Ubuntu 9.04

Is there now a way to sink a calendar with Google Calendars?

Thanks in advance. Bob.

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Sylvain Orset
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Hi Bob,

This is indeed possible using the "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata" package. Here are the steps to perform :
1. check that akonadi-server is installed (using KPackageKit for example). It should if you are running the kubuntu desktop default install.
2. install the "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata" package
3. in System Settings, go to "Advanced user configuration" then "Akonadi Configuration", add a new "Google calendar" resource, it should prompt for your google account
3. then go back, and choose "KDE Resources"
4. choose "Calendar" and add a new "Akonadi" resource, then click "akonadi_gcal_resource" and "synchronize".

You should now be able to retrieve your Google Calendar events within Kontakt :) note that it also works for your Google address book.

I hope this helps !


Argh ... the "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata" package is only available on Karmic right now ... either you can upgrade when Karmic is released, or if you really need this feature on jaunty (and of course you know what you're doing), you can grab both binaries packages "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata"" and "libgcal0" on, and install them by hand. They work fine on Jaunty.

Bob (bbrazie) said : #3

Oh OK. I think I can wait for newer version to be released.

I think that is on the 29th of this month?

Will it work in Ubuntu too?

Thanks, Bob.

You're right, Karmic is released in 10 days.

When you say "in Ubuntu", I suppose that it means you're using Kontakt under the Gnome desktop instead of the KDE desktop ? Well, I'm not sure then, because the name of the package seems to suggest that it's a KDE only feature. Maybe someone could confirm ?


Bob (bbrazie) said : #5

Yes I am using the gnome desktop but I am thinking of trying out kubuntu this time around as I seem to be using more of their apps. <g>

Well, using Kubuntu since Hoary, I think that Karmic might be the best Kubuntu release ever. If you are regularly using a lot of KDE apps, I think that Kubuntu is worth a try !

Bob (bbrazie) said : #7

Thanks Sylvain Orset, that solved my question.

elysion (miko-kiiski) said : #8

I seem to get quite a lot of unmet dependencies when trying to install the "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata" package I downloaded from Is there a way to install the package without forcing the install (dpkg -i --force-all)?