KMail: my disk is full

Asked by marzukh on 2010-02-12

how can i move my inbox mail directory to another location.tx

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Tom (tom6) said : #1

Hi :)

To clear some space on your disk - during bootup do you get a menu with lots of options for booting into *buntu? The 2nd option should have "recovery mode" near the end of it's line. Select this one and menu appears with various tasks worth trying to run through about once a month, including "Clear some space". Then when you next open KMail pleas empty your deleted items fodler. This should solve the problem without needing to move the inbow elsewhere

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

marzukh (marzuki) said : #2

Thx Tom,

I managed to reclaimed about 3.5G of disk space and housekeep my email.


Tom (tom6) said : #3

Congrats! :)) Now i guess it's time for you to burn a few dvd's or cd's of data you want stored for the long-term but don't need to actively keep working on. Hopefully that should allow you to clear a bit more space.

Welcome to linux-land, especially the Ubuntu corner of it :)
Congrats and regards from
Tom :)

marzukh (marzuki) said : #4

Thx. frankly, my Evolution email crashed last year and i lost some data. after that, I used Thunderbird, then it crashed too. I guess they cant hold large amount of data. Kmail so far has never let me down with the amiunt of data it contains now is more than double from the point of where the evolution and thunderbird crashed before.

btw, can u show me or perhaps provide a link on how to backup my messages to external storage, and how to retrieve them via kmail later.

tx in advance.


Tom (tom6) said : #5

Hi :)

I have not tried this myself which is why i gave the quick answer to deal with immediate problem to delay needing a full answer.

Looking up the Kmail website i found these links about "migration" which might help

There is a tool you might be able to install to make this easier. The first link is for the gui front-end (hopefully) and the 2nd is for the command-line back-end that does all the work

Slightly less usefully but this might lead to something more permanent if you can figure how to adapt it for inbox and folders and stuff

From the KMail homepage i looked for the help section but that only seemed to be about how you could help them! Hopefully you can navigate to the links i gave above or find something more useful from one of these pages

I tried looking in the normal Ubuntu Community Documentation but you might have more luck there than me as i only found the links to the last 3 site above from there

You might have more luck re-posting the question in a more general linux forum such as this excellent one

Good luck and please let us know if you do manage to find the answer!
Regards and apols from
Tom :)