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Asked by Nathaniel Wilson on 2010-05-25

Trying to install kde-games (or just kpat) in stock ubuntu triggers dependencies for almost everything under the sun. My personal favorite is mysql-server-core trying to be installed. I haven't branched out where all the requirements come from in the roots of kde-games dependencies, but I'm more than certain that half of this stuff is not required to play these games. So my question is, what's going on with these dependencies?

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aisleriot is an equivelant to kpat

If you are using Gnome DE and start installing KDE apps you will haul in a tonne of Qt libs to make them run as they are based on KDE and KDE uses Qt instead of GTK. This is fine if the system is a full desktop / full laptop as the deps can be absorbed into the large volume of space they have but netbooks with more limited space cannot afford this luxury.

Nathaniel Wilson (dubrict) said : #2

Yes I'm aware of the concept of Qt dependencies and I expect that for Qt applications. The problem is that applications like kdepim and the system monitor plasma applet and mysql server and kde update manager are being required as dependencies, which is just outright ridiculous.

Log a bug

Nathaniel Wilson (dubrict) said : #4

Somewhere along the line, the default in Synaptic became to consider recommended packages as dependencies. I just didn't notice the change until now.