error: cannot unmount volume

Asked by vijay on 2009-07-20

i put dvd into the drive .watch the video.when i right click on the dvd-ROM icon and select the eject icon ,it shows the following
cannot unmount volume
an application is preventing the voume"vivek_ comedy" from being unmounted.
then how can safely remove the DVD from the drive.
please help.

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midnightflash (midnightflash) said : #1

A DVD is always safe to remove as long as you don't burn it right now.
DVDs are (in the most circumstances) read only... so nothing to lose if just eject it the "hard way".


Tom (tom6) said : #2

Perhaps you need to close the movie-player window before it'll let you?


lsof | grep -i dvd | less

see if there is any app accessing the dvd drive

vijay (mrvijay2005) said : #4

in the system monitor i saw kaffeine player .on it i right click and select end process.and then ejject the cd by right clicking on cdrom icon.( i used kaffeine and movie player to run the DVD.)
thanks for your suggestions.

Tom (tom6) said : #5

Brilliant, nicely done :)))
Congrats and regards from
Tom :)

paolode (paolo-debortoli) said : #6

a bit strange behaviour. I am using ubuntu 12.04 on hp pavilion laptop with cinnamon, nemo, nautilus (but he behaviour is showed in other cases). I have external usb hdd (ntfs formatted) and a crypted partition (luks format) on internal hd. when I unmount external hdds it doesn't show any message like 'it is now safe to remove drive' and sometimes says 'failed to unmount'. when I unmount the crypted partition it says always 'failed to unmount'. however hdds and crypted partition are always unmounted. it seems that the system fails to check and close applications and processes related to hdds and partition. I have another normal xfs backup partition on internal hd, which doesn't show such problems in unmounting.

Tom (tom6) said : #7

Hi :)
Please post a new fresh question about this. Then you get to all the new people that have joined the new team to help answer questions. This old thread is only received by 1 or 2 people and we probably don't know the answer. Certainly i don't

Good luck with posting the new question!
Regards from
Tom :)