How to change display aspect ratio

Asked by Oku

My Ubuntu box is connected to a 16:9 CRT TV trough S-Video/TV-Out connector in my NVidia card.
How do I tell Kaffeine that my display's aspect ratio is 16:9 despite the 800x600 resolution?

I read form somewhere that DisplaySIze entry in Monitor section of xorg.conf would have some effect on this, but having line
        DisplaySize 320 180
in xorg.conf did not help.


ps. I am running Ubuntu 7.10, Kaffeine version is 0.8.6 and I am using xine engine.

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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :

Hello Oku

Install Mplayer

In mplayer there is a

monitoraspect option

Edit the mplayer config file

sudo gedit ~/.mplayer/config

and enter the line

monitoraspect 16:9 which allows control of the x:y aspect ratio.

Although that doesn't seem to help you, something similar may exist in Xine, or you can try mplayer.


Bhavani Shankar.

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Oku (gaziupajjcls) said :

I know MPlayer has it and I have it installed :). Unfortunately the DVB/PVR features of MPlayer are no match to Kaffeine.

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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :


Under the View menu there is Preserve Original Aspect, and under Player>Video>Aspect Ratio there are all the available options which can be accessed with F5 to F9 keyboard shortcuts.

Hope this helps

Bhavani Shankar.

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Oku (gaziupajjcls) said :

Well, that is not what I was looking for. If I force kaffeine to think video's aspect ratio is 4:3 when it is in fact 16:9 the problem is fixed, but there is no way to compensate the bad monitor aspect for 4:3 or wide screen video streams. Luckily most of the stuff coming through DVB is in 16:9 format and I can watch everything else with mplayer. This solution is far from optimal, but I guess can live with this.


ps. I wonder if there is a bug some where in monitor aspect ratio detection, because xdpyinfo reports correct dimensions for the screen and horizontal and vertical DPIs differ.