can I add files to cd?

Asked by mc5fan on 2009-01-05

I just used k3b to burn a CD from an ISO image which is identified as appendable. How can I add another file to the disc? Help is no help.


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tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #1

follow this link

mc5fan (leemalaspina) said : #2

I searched and came up empty on everything I tried.

tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #3

What is it you want to add to the ISO?
an ISO is a bootable image. you dont want to mess with is
if you want to add additional files on a disk to save a disk, dont. spend the 12 cents for additional disk
if it is a cd iso, the room is spent.
if it is a dvd, same goes. they burn an image that will take all the room on the media

If you want to copy data and an iso image to a dvd, open kb3 and choose "new data project" and drag the files to the pane.

mc5fan (leemalaspina) said : #4

An ISO image (or .ISO file) is a computer file that is an exact copy of an existing file system. An ISO image does not have to be bootable.

I DO NOT want to "save a disc".

I DO NOT want to burn an ISO image onto a disc.

I want to do EXACTLY WHAT I STATED ORIGINALLY, either append more files to an EXISTING ISO image or APPEND MORE FILES to an "appendable disc". These are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!

What is not clear here? Please take the time to READ THE QUESTION, IN ENGLISH, AS WRITTEN.

Any idiot can make multiple discs. I don't want to.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

mc5fan (leemalaspina) said : #5

For anyone interested, yes, you can edit an ISO in Linux.

For example, you made an ISO image a piece of software and want to add a text file containing the authorization code to the ISO image so that you have all the information on one disc(IMAGINE THAT!!!), a piece of software called ISO MASTER is available right from the Synaptic Package Manager or as a download for either Linux and Windows versions from

This will allow you to add or remove files from the ISO image. I installed it and verified the addition of the file I wanted to add. Success!


tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #6

OK, let's not be rude. I am not a know it all. I was just trying to assist you as best as I could,

You have solved the issue on your own and now I am better for it. I have learned of a new application that will not only help me but will help others.

Please, mark your issue as solved so no one else responds, if indeed you have answered your own question.

mc5fan (leemalaspina) said : #7

Problem solved. Thanks to tmc1961for being the one person kind enough to actually respond.


semabay (sehegn-gmail) said : #8

 I want to add files on a cd/dvd but I couldn't can you help me? or could you tell me how you solve this problem?

mc5fan (leemalaspina) said : #9

I was not able to add to the cd. I never found a solution to that problem. I just found out how to edit the .iso file.

Baruch Youssin (quququitty) said : #10

k3b does the job.
Here are the directions that I have successfully used on Ubuntu 12.04:

It adds files to a CD successfully.
However, Windows programs can delete files from the disk (without freeing the space - helpful in case of errors); k3b cannot do this.