Can't burn a DvD with any Linux program

Asked by livemorbidia on 2008-10-06

I created a .iso file using devede. K3b says there was an error in writing the disk. I tried it with Brasereo. Same thing different program. I tried just burning my video instead of the .iso file of it using the default software, only it wrote it as a data disc. Same thing with Brasereo. Please help I am very new to Open Source programs. My dad sent me an Ubuntu disc and after windows crashed on me, I wanted to try something different. Only problem is I can't do code and most of this stuff makes no sense to me at all. So if you give me an answer that includes code or anything close to it, please explain what I have to do in lay-terms. Thank you,

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Jim Hutchinson (jphutch) said : #1

I've never had much luck using devede but that doesn't mean you won't. One thing to check is the size of the iso. If it's too big it won't work. I think it has to be 4.4gb or smaller but not 100% sure. Also, if it's just a hair bigger than 4.4 that will probably cause problems too but you won't know it's too big as it will report it as 4.4 because of rounding. These the kinds of issues I've had in the past. I can't remember if it's an option in devede but maybe you can make the iso file smaller if it's too big.

livemorbidia (livemorbidia) said : #2

the .iso file is 1.1 gb.

Jim Hutchinson (jphutch) said : #3

Are you burning it to a DVD or a CD? I would have to be a DVD. Also does the drive support burning DVDs and do you have evidence that it isn't broken? There is no reason I can think of why Brasero wouldn't be able to burn a 1.1 gb iso to a DVD unless it's a hardware issue or the iso file is corrupt. As a test, try downloading an iso like the Ubuntu install CD (or something smaller if you prefer) and see if that will burn. It would help to know if you can burn a known iso file as that would point to issues with devede or maybe DVD media.

livemorbidia (livemorbidia) said : #4

Thanks for the help. It's a DvD-RW, and when I ran on windows, it burned no problem but for some reason ever since I started using Ubuntu it will burn them to the disc but they won't play in a dvd player.

Jim Hutchinson (jphutch) said : #5

There are several things to check: does the dvd player in question play DVD-RW, does it play the type of format/codec you are burning, are you burning the right type of file (i.e. not a data disc), how was the video produced (I know with devede but is it actually doing what you think it is), can the video play on the computer before burning, can the DVD play on the computer even if not on the dvd player?

Sorry for all the questions but there are too many possibilities and we need to narrow it down. Not to criticize your computer skills, but chances are it has nothing to do with the software but rather making sure you are actually telling it to do what you think you are telling it - Linux programs sometimes leave all the choices up to you which can make configuring them a bit more user intensive. I've burned a lot of .iso files with Ubuntu and never once had and issue. I've also burned DVD copies that play fine in my DVD player. It could be some missing library depending on the type of video type but my guess is it's either a hardware issues (bad drive) an incompatible media (dvd player not playing dvd-rw) or a video type that your dvd player doesn't recognize. I would suggest trying different media and a different drive as well as testing with something more likely to work like burning an audio cd or burning audio to a dvd and seeing if that will play. Until you can narrow down the possibilities there isn't much we can do.

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