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Asked by george on 2008-03-16

Whenever I burn a CD-RW with audio, it doesn't playback on my CD player, my other computer doesn't recognize the disk as having any information written to it, and my third computer can read the disk in only 1 cdrom drive with special software. How can I make a simple CD that will play in my CD player? There is probably a simple answer that I'm not seeing, but I need this so I don't have to run my computer 24/7 in order to listen to music. I am using a Centrios CD re-writer with Ubuntu 7.10 and a brand new (although now written with music that won't play) Memorex CD-RW for use in an RCA stereo CD player.
sorry if I am being too specific

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Stuart Guest (sguest) said : #1


Unfortunately, there is no real answer to this -- for some reason, various different pieces of equipment can recognize disks of certain manufacture, whilst not recognizing others.

It has been my experience that more CD players will play CD-R, but only some will play CD-RW, but this is not guaranteed. I have found that CD disks certified for audio are more reliable when it comes to recording music, but are not very good for data -- however, please don't ask me about differences in manufacture, as I don't really know!

I hope this answer provides some help -- sorry I couldn't really help further.



george (thatgamesguy) said : #2

I also have a Windows XP machine, and I just tried to write some music to this disk (nothing too significant), and for some reason it works... is this a flaw perhaps in Linux? because I really don't want to go back to using windows as a main machine...

Best Zombie (initramfs) said : #3


Did you try using Serpentine for creating and burning the audio cd?
If not, please give a try.
( Applications → Sound & Video → Serpentine Audio CD Creator )

With Regards,

george (thatgamesguy) said : #4

never mind, for some weird reason, I managed to write the music to the disk by hovering my hands 2 inches from the drive and concentrating very hard...

thanks for the help

george (thatgamesguy) said : #5

Thanks Zombie, that solved my question.