Copying .JPEG files to DVD disc

Asked by Rich.b on 2012-09-21

Please could anyone advise

Q 1/ Does it matter if the jpeg files have the following at the end of the file: - .jpeg or .JPG

Q 2/ Does it matter if the jpeg files have the following at the begining of the file: - IMG_1890 or 2nd Memory 029 (followed by .jpeg)

Q 3 / How do I create "Albums" as the DVD player will only play 200 .jpegs/Album and I have 1500 images to burn.

Thanks for any help


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The file extension case doesn't matter, the file extension can even be completely removed and the OS will not use the file any differently.

Are the files all in one folder?

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #2

At the the moment they are ALL in the same folder on my computer.
So do I separate them into folders with =<200 .jpegs images.

I putting these on DVD for friend on a Sony DVD player. Sony call folders Albums I think.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #3

Q 4/ Can I use either DVD-R or DVD+R ?

You can use either, modern drives don't care if it's DVD+ or DVD-

You can put the images into 200 image folders if you wish, then burn the images to the DVDs.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #5

I was going to use K3b to burn disc, is that OK?

I will try it soon and let you know if it plays back

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #6

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

Sure, it's the default burner in kubuntu. I assume you are using Kubuntu