I have lubuntu installed on my sons PC, and he wants to download music from his mp3 to burn to a cd. How to make mp3 convert so it will burn

Asked by oocevin on 2011-01-11

He has k3b installed. I know there is a xsteamer of some kind
but which on to convert mp3 to burn on cd

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mycae (mycae) said : #1

What device do you plan to play the MP3 CD in?

MP3 CDs are just data CDs with MP3s in the base folder.

If you need to create a "CD Audio" Cd (Ie for a rather old CD player), then K3B can do this as well, by creating an "audio project"

oocevin (ccct007) said : #2

He has a mp3 plater one thoughs small ones with ewr plugs.
He wants to download from there to his pc and then burn to
a cd to play in a cd player.

Best mycae (mycae) said : #3

>He has a mp3 plater one thoughs small ones with ewr plugs.

1) Try this first, lets assume that the CD player supports MP3 playback (most ones post 2005 do):

You should be able to connect this with a USB cable to your computer, and this will appear up as a new disk (MP3 players are just an MP3 playback chip hooked up to a USB drive, usually). If you cannot see the disk, after connecting your MP3 player, please post the exact make and model of the MP3 player.

Now burn a disk.

Use K3B to burn the files to a disk. Here is a video tutorial on how to burn with K3B:

2) Alternately, if the above produces a CD that does not work:
First see if you can playback the MP3s on your computer; if this works, then you can move to burning them as an Audio project. If this does not work, we have to install MP3 playback on your computer first, use this link: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mp3 .

Once you have confirmed that you can play MP3s on your computer, this means you can decode them into plain audio files, so you can burn plain audio CDs -- great.

So now follow the same procedure as before, but instead of selecting a data project, in K3B, select an "audio project". Note that you will only be able to burn ~74 minutes of audio per CD.

oocevin (ccct007) said : #4

Thanks mycae, that solved my question.