Post-installation script return exit code 127.

Asked by Quarc on 2009-11-27

Warning! Broken English.
After installation/updating of packages there is an error ipppd, post-installation script return exit-code 127.
I am have Ubuntu 9.04. Hard: Intel Cel D341, 3GB RAM, Asus GF8500EN 512MB, Motherboard Asus P5VD2-MX, HDD Hitachi 160 GB SATA.
What should I make for error correction?

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Best Ilya Barygin (randomaction) said : #1

This sounds like bug 414537. Please check if it's the same problem that you have. If it is, removing and reinstalling the package would be the solution, as the bug has been already fixed in Ubuntu 9.04.

Quarc (quarc) said : #2

Thank you

Quarc (quarc) said : #3

Thanks Ilya Barygin, that solved my question.