how to uninstall and reinstall ipppd

Asked by Miles Sharpe

downloaded security updates bring up error ipppd and isdn when trying to install.
I have tried to install them and configure them with no success.
Can ipppd and isdn be uninstalled or deleted and reinstalled please.
Reinstalling ubuntu is out of the question as my data bundle is limited and I won't be able to update and upgrade all that 9.04 needs after installation.
But anyway thanks for a great os. And all the help available to us.

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Larry Jordan (larryjor) said :

     I think the biggest problem is that those control your access to internet (esp isdn). That being the case, if you have to reinstall them after uninstalling them, you might want to make sure you have copies of the packages on hand first. That being said, they are in the Synaptic Package Manager. Have you tried the options in there? (Fix broken packages, reinstall, etc.?) Also, before you even bother, what are you using for a modem? And what specifically were the errors reported? ( I have a cable modem, and finding just now I don't even have ipppd installed....)

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Best Duane Hinnen (duanedesign) said :

see this forum thread. the code in post #6 should be used instead of post #2 if you are getting the same error.

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Miles Sharpe (msdomdonner) said :

Thanks duanedesign, that solved my question.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Please copy and paste the posts complete http reference here...

Thank you

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Miles Sharpe (msdomdonner) said :

Hi Marco.
I am very new at this. I tried uninstalling ipppd and isnd and both complained about some error in dpkg so I uninstalled that and crashed the whole system.
I am now using a hdd set up on an old ibm and still have no sound or printer but it downloaded all 80m+ of updates yesterday and installed them successfully. So maybe it was a bug in the installation on this pc. I am now going to try install ubuntu on my hdd in the ibm and then bring it here and then I will just have the printer and sound to worry about. Thanks for all the help.
Hope to give you better news after I install 9.04 again

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Duane Hinnen (duanedesign) said :

The steps outlined in the post are:

sudo ln -s /sbin/MAKEDEV /dev

sudo apt-get install --reinstall makedev

sudo dpkg --configure -a

original post:

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Miles Sharpe (msdomdonner) said :

I have found, after installing 9.04 three times that if you don't connect the data cable to the cell phone modem when installing and only connect it after the installation is complete then all updates and installations work perfectly. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for all the help. enjoying 9.04 more and more every day. Thanks to all