indicator messages item not being updated at all.

Asked by sefs on 2010-12-01

Hi i have installed the indicator-messages.

When I make a change to /usr/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop that change is not reflected in the applet. Even after a reboot. Is this a bug?

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sefs (sefsinc) said : #2

And numerous others like it on the web.

The thunderbird icon is not being displayed. Must i place this in a special location? from where is the applet trying to look for the icon?

Also I am not altogether sure I have the concept of this applet.

Previously I have used mail-notification, because it did not require me to have thunderbird open to notify me of new mail. With this applet I have to manually open thunderbird check mail before it changes green to tell me new mail has arrived. Which I already know because I had to open thunderbird to manually check.

What is the use case for this applet? Is it suppose to offer the functionality similar to mail-notification? That is... I do not have to have thunderbird running to be notified of mail? If so how do I do this.

I've also tried your suggested link.

and many others to no avail.

Yeah I noticed that too. If you use gmail you can use gmail-notify then tell the app to run thunderbird when you get a new mail.

sefs (sefsinc) said : #4

So its basically its not meant to be used as a mail notifier like mail-notification then? Its for some other purpose? Do you know what the purpose of it is? I was trying to google what it really is ... but its like searching for a needle in a haystack.

As far as I know, yes its supposed to alert you but I personally dont use it as I use webmail rather than an email client. Maybe someone who uses the thing can pitch in.

sefs (sefsinc) said : #6

Ah i found my answer in this thread...its basically looks like a waste of space.

It can only tell you you have mail when the application is open. which you know already because the application is open.

My problem is that I was trying to move away from mail-notification beacause I read some where the notification area was being phased out in preference of this indicator. Where will i put my mail-notification if there is no notification area just this notification applet LOL. One step foward two steps backward or maybe I just misunderstand the state of affairs.