ibus keyboard layout change using shortcut key

Asked by maxrva on 2015-09-30

could anyone tell me how to change or configure the shortcut key in order to change keyboard language?

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System Settings -> Keyboard Layout -> Options -> Keys to Change Layout


maxrva (maxrva91) said : #2

I know that method from the given links.
Anyway thanks for the replied.
But when i connect to the server using xrdp from windows remote desktop. I just can't change the language using the same shortcut.
I tried to change the shortcut key but it doesn't change too.

What are you doing on the Ubuntu system that needs the full desktop session?

There may be a sleeker solution

maxrva (maxrva91) said : #4

I use ubuntu as a remote server for client.
For xrdp to work, Alternate desktop environment need to be use.
For that i tried xfce, kde, mate,etc all same result.
Firstly i thought it's a bug in xfce but all other desktop happen too.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #5

If I correctly understand you are running one system to connect to another system.

You have to be aware that in such setup there might be an interference between the two systems:
If you want to send a specific switch sequence to the target system, your login system might capture it and not forward it to the target (e.g. the ctrl-alt-del sequence will always be handled locally).
Or the other way round, there might be specific code in the remote connection software that disables local interpretation of key codes and forwards everything to the target.

Please describe more in detail how your setup is, and what you want to achieve. Do you want to change the local keyboard language or the remote one?

Yes but what activities do you do on the remote session?

File management?
Torrent management?


maxrva (maxrva91) said : #7

This is how i setup

The remote session is use for internet surfing only.
But for surf the internet, the user may required to search in thai language.
User connect to ubuntu from windows through windows remote desktop.

Then why not install squid and openssh-server then connect to the server using an SSH tunnel and make your client system set it's Web proxy in the browser to use the tunnel? The data will flow down the tunnel to the system, out to the Web then back to your client system and Web access is yours...

Cleaner and simple. You don't need remote desktop services to do what you are doing. This is exactly why I ask. People use remote desktop for stuff like this when a better solution exists

maxrva (maxrva91) said : #9

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.