hplip 0.9.11-2ubuntu2 source package in Ubuntu


hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low

  * Convert to updated Python policy.
  * Run hpiod as root.

hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low

  * Resynchronize with Debian unstable.

hplip (0.9.11-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.11-2 (new): HPLIP 0.9.11-2
    + Fixed an intermittent auto duplex problem with HPIJS
      (closes: #360017)
    + Add some missing PSC 950 model entries in models.xml
    + Fixed some NDEBUG compiler issues (Debian)
    + Fixed some gcc 4.1 compiler issues (Debian)
  * dpatch 20_fix-asserts (remove): accepted upstream
  * dpatch 30_gcc4.1-fixes (remove): accepted upstream
  * dpatch 50_doc-location (remove): superseeded by dpatch
  * dpatch 50_ui-supportform-cleanups (new): Remove useless README pane
    in hp-toolbox support form, fix the URIs to have ending slashes, and
    some other cosmetic fixes
  * dpatch 55_ui-supportform-debian (new): Add Debian pane to hp-toolbox
    support form

hplip (0.9.11-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "Eating hedgehogs ain't smart" release
  * New upstream version:
    * HPLIP 0.9.11:
      + Changed hp-sendfax behavior: Now hp-sendfax must be run before
        print jobs can be printed to a fax queue
      + Completely revamped the email alert system (now uses sendmail
        rather than a SMTP server)
      + Changed hpssd so that it will not send an email if the same device
        has the same error code multiple times in a row
      + Changes auto device refresh interval units from seconds to minutes
        in the hp-toolbox
      + Added a device auto refresh type (all or 1) to settings dialog in
        the hp-toolbox
      + Replaced hplip_readme.html with web documents available at
      + Moved the DeviceClose in the hp-toolbox testpage routine to before
        the lpr to fix an issue with contention with the "hp" backend
      + Fixed a defect in hp-fab that didn't allow previously added
        entries to be modified
      + Added better error checking to hp-sendfax to detect HPLIP daemons
        not running
      + Fixed LJ2840 network port for faxing in hpiod
      + Turned status off for all Business Inkjets 2200-2600
      + Moved fax address book file from ~/.hplip.fab to ~/hpfax/fab.db
      + Changed hp-fab so that duplicate entries cannot be created
      + Fixed endianness issue that hosed the HP Color LaserJet 3500 on
        PPC (closes: #317683)
    * HPIJS 2.1.10:
      + Moved PSC 21xx from DJGenericVIP to DJ9xxVIP device class
        (this requires all PSC 21xx users to update their PPDs)
      + Forced hpijs and hppgsz to always build with -DNDEBUG
      + Merged hpijs_readme.html into hplip documentation
      + Added support for the following new printers:
        + LaserJet 5200 (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet 5200L (LJMono/PS)
        + Color LaserJet 2605 (PS)
        + Officejet 6300 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + Officejet 4300 series (DJ3320)
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.10-2 (remove): applied upstream
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.11-1 (new): preliminary upstream patch:
      + Fix regression where the PSC 950xi stops being detected
        (reported by Till Kamppeter)
  * dpatch 14_charsign_fixes: remove hunk applied upstream, rediff
  * dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: update for new upstream code
  * dpatch 20_fix-asserts (new): fix bugs that show up on NDEBUG builds
  * dpatch 30_gcc4.1-fixes (new): fix strict aliasing bugs for gcc 4.1
  * Ship the new HPLIP/HPIJS documentation in a new arch-all package,
    hplip-doc.  The hplip and hpijs packages now have just Debian
    documentation, and point to the hplip-doc package (or to the
    online URI for that documentation) for the full user manual
  * Add a users-guide.txt file to hplip and hpijs documentantion,
    to point users to the hplip-doc package and to the online manual
  * Bump standards version to 3.7.2 (no changes required)
  * Drop support for initscript systems without invoke-rc.d, as
    invoke-rc.d is now required per policy.  This also shuts lintian
    up, which is always a nice bonus
  * hpijs.NEWS, hplip.NEWS: update for the new release
  * hpijs.README.Debian: minor cleanup, and point users to hpijs-ppds
  * hplip.README.Debian: minor updates and cleanup
  * debian/control: Make hplip automatically recommend the newest
    hpijs upstream version, instead of a manually set one I am not
    always really sure about
  * debian/rules: Provide hpijs:Source-Version as well for the control
  * Add new hplip-dbg package with full symbolic debugging information for
    all binaries and libraries generated by this source package
    (closes: #366766)
  * debian/control: place hpijs and hpijs-ppds on section text (as per the
    override file for hpijs, and other -ppds packages)
  * Ship doc/release_notes.html as the upstream changelog, as the old
    text changelog is not being updated anymore by upstream

hplip (0.9.10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    * HPLIP 0.9.10 (patchlevel 2):
      + Made the "hp" backend more product specific, now HP USB keyboards
        won't be misdetected as printers....
      + Fixed jetdirect write timeout in hpiod
      + Added deviceID to output of "hp" backend for CUPS 1.2
      + Fixed a problem where no fax send dialog pops up when sending
        a fax job from OpenOffice Writer and the fax job can not be sent
      + Fixed a hp-setup crash which can occur during fax setup testpage
      + Modified the hp-toolbox and hp-print so that they will work with
        unsupported printer models without crashing
      + Hp-setup now allows the user to manually enter a PPD file path
      + The "NickName" from each located PPD file is displayed to the user
        so that the "(recommended)" text will be shown.
      + Fixed an error which occurs while executing hp-sendfax with
        b parameter.
      + Fixed a hp-toolbox problem displaying cartridge information for
        Photosmart 8700 when device is connected via network
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.10-2 (new): upstream patchlevel 2
    + Drop useless (and broken) model test comparison (closes: #360385)
    + Fix local DoS when usb communications get stuck
  * dpatch 14_charsign_fixes: add new hunks to fix more sign problems
  * Replace all instances of the old upstream hopepage (hpinkjet.sf.net)
    with the new one (hplip.sf.net)
  * Point users to the new upstream mailinglists
  * Add watch entries for the renamed sourceforge project

hplip (0.9.9-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * configure.in, Makefile.am, debian/rules, prnt/hpijs/configure.in:
    fix /etc/hp/hplip.conf ppd dir setting, thus unbreaking hp-setup
    and remove useless cruft re. PPD dir setup while at it (closes: #358719)

hplip (0.9.9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.9:
      + Fixed an array index underflow in ljfastraster.cpp
      + Save paper width and height in UXServices object after a call to
      + When fullbleed printing is requested, if printer supports it,
        return actual paper dimensions for PrintableArea
      + Added support for the following new printer(s):
        + HP DeskJet F300 Series All-in-one (DJ3600)
    * HPLIP 0.9.9:
      + HPLIP now uses libusb for all USB I/O.  Libusb replaces kernel
        modules printer and usblp, and opens an entirely new can of worms
      + Removed support for USB URIs based on device files.  This means all
        printers now use USB URIs based on "hp:/hp_model?serial=xxxxxxxx"
        instead of "hp:/hp_model?device=/dev/usb/lpx".  Old CUPS queues must
        be updated to the new device location
      + Added full USB 1284.4 support for the Color LaserJet 2840, and for
        LaserJets 3050, 3060, 1010, 1012, 1015 and 2500
      + Updated HP-Fax-hplip.ppd to be in conformance with CUPS 1.2
      + Updated most LaserJet PPDs for CUPS 1.2
      + Changed the GetSnmp timeout from 5 to 2 seconds in hpiod
      + Fixed incorrect supplies information for Color Laserjet 2840
        displayed in hp-toolbox
      + Fixed problem where title input was of no use while adding a file to
        item list in send fax dialog
      + Add models.xml parallel port flag for Deskjet 5550
      + Moved hp-sendfax temp .g3 files to ~/hpfax/hpfax-*.g3.  Before,
        they would clutter the user's home directory
      + Files added to hp-sendfax interface are now rendered into g3 format
        as they are added to the batch
      + Removed temporary file creation from hpfax: (temp files now created
        only by hp-sendfax using mkstemp)
      + Added total page counting feature to hp-sendfax
      + Added a BSD license to magic.py
  * debian/control: build-depend on libusb >= 0.1.8
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.8-4: remove (applied upstream)
  * dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: rediff to remove skips
  * dpatch 40_quiet-hpiod: rediff to remove skips
  * dpatch 01_rss: rediff to reorder file hunks
  * dpatch 30_no-ping: remove, upstream removed icmp functionality
  * dpatch 70_sane_ppd_directory_handling: remove (applied upstream)
  * dpatch 45_quiet_hpijs-fax: remove (applied upstream)
  * dpatch 35_no-fax-setuid: remove, upstream now does seteuid()/setegid()
    only if sendfax is being run as root
  * dpatch 10_shebang_fixes (new): new dump place for #!<interpretor> fixing
  * hplip.menu: s/hp-fax/hp-sendfax/
  * debian/control, debian/compat: switch to debhelper mode V5
  * debian/control, debian/rules: provide and use hpijs:Upstream-Version,
    rename Upstream-Version to hplip:Upstream-Version
  * Rename hplip-ppds package to hpijs-ppds, update all documentation to
    point to hpijs-ppds and linuxprinting.org-ppds and add a hpijs.NEWS
    entry about the package rename as well
  * debian/control: conflict hpijs with hplip-ppds versioned to source
    version, as a dirty trick to not clash with hpijs-ppds providing
  * debian/rules, debian/hpijs-ppds.install, debian/hpijs-ppds.links,
    Don't ship non-hpijs PPDs anymore, linuxprinting.org-ppds takes care
    of the pure postscript PPDs now
  * debian/rules: version hpijs-ppds the same way we version hpijs
  * debian/control: suggest hpijs-ppds and linuxprinting.org-ppds for hplip
    instead of recommending the old hplip-ppds package.  Recommend hpijs
    with fax support for hplip. Remove conflict on foomatic-db-hpijs and
    foomatic-filters-ppds from hplip.  Conflict hpijs-ppds with
    foomatic-filters-ppds before 20060113-1 when the PPD duplication was
    removed from foomatic-filters-ppds
  * debian/control: rework package descriptions a little
  * debian/rules: ship all PPD files compressed
  * debian/rules: separate arch-dep and arch-indep install, to avoid wasting
    a great deal of time on slower archs gziping PPDs
  * hplip initscript: Run hpiod as root because of libusb
  * debian/copyright: update dates

hplip (0.9.8-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * This release was not uploaded to Debian
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.8 (patchlevel 4):
      + Moved OfficeJet 6100 and 6150 to DJ55xx.h; margins on these devices
        are same as those on DJ5550
      + Added support for the following new printers:
        + HP LaserJet 3050 (LJMono/PS)
        + HP LaserJet 3060/3062 (LJMono/PS)
        + HP LaserJet 3390/3392 (LJMono/PS)
        + HP Deskjet 6980 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + HP Deskjet 6940 series (DJGenericVIP)
      + Updated KRGB patches to version 1.2:
        + Fixed krgb buffer overflow issue with out-of-band data in
          fill_rectangle and copy_mono. This buffer overflow condition
          occurred with fullbleed print jobs that had k-band images
        + Added Dan Coby's (artifex) fix for gsijs_read_string_malloc
          gs_free *str memory leak.
    * HPLIP 0.9.8 (patchlevel 4):
      + Added send fax support (still quite rough)
      + Added HP Setup utility
      + Fixed deviceid zero termination issue in hplip_api.c
      + Enhanced the status history table in hp-info
      + Changed device list in toolbox to use small icons for status overlay
      + Modified models.xml file to add pen info back to OJ5500 and disable
        front panel
      + Removed probe.py from distribution
      + Added Fax URI generation to hp-makeuri
      + Fixed hp-makeuri so that it would not report URIs for non-existent
      + Fixed hp-makeuri quiet modes that they are actually quiet
      + Added a new chooser dialog that presents a list of CUPS queues
        rather than device URIs (hp-sendfax, hp-print)
      + Fixed a hpiod problem with the PS 2570 series. This will fix the
        scanning blue-screen error with USB High Speed
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.8-4 (new): 0.9.8 patchlevel 4
  * hplip package: recommend python-reportlab for fax cover page support
  * Instead of modifying the PPD manufacturer tag from HP to HP (HPLIP),
    now append HPLIP and the upstream version to the nickname
    (closes: #347264)
  * Ship hpijs PPDs in /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/<PPD Manufacturer> as per
    the Debian PPD file structure specification.  Ship the pure postscript
    PPDs in /usr/share/ppd/hplip-postscript, for now
  * Normalise case and start all HP PPD file names with "HP-"
  * debian/control: Remove foomatic-db-hpijs from suggests and
    recommends, as it will go away
  * Update READMEs and NEWS files for the above PPD changes, add NEWS
    file for hplip-ppds while at it
  * Update hplip's README for hp-setup
  * Mention that the RSS patch is stale in hpijs' README
  * Removed patch already applied upstream: 00_01_upstream_0.9.7-2
  * dpatches 30_no-ping, 50_doc-location, 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: rediff
  * Let configure detect all standard paths for CUPS, except for the
    PPD path
  * Prune non-shipped-files.txt, and change debian/rules to tell us
    which files were removed instead of doing it silently
  * dpatch 70_sane_ppd_directory_handling (new): modify hplip to
    look for PPD files under /usr/share/ppd/hplip, instead of
    searching the entire CUPS PPD tree (used by hp-setup)
  * Add menu entries for hp-print, hp-sendfax and hp-fab
  * Add HPmenu.xpm icon
  * dpatch 35_no-fax-setuid (new): change hpssd fax queue function
    not to setuid(), as we don't run as root.  This limits sending
    faxes somehow, but the impact is not clear to me yet.  Bug reports
  * dpatch 45_quiet_hpijs-fax (new): remove noisy hpijs debug output in
    the fax driver
  * debian/control: rework package descriptions, mention fax support
  * Ship KRGB patches cleaned up and tailored for Debian's gs versions
  * Update debian/copyright for new directories, mention license of KRGB
    patches (MIT)

 -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Thu,  6 Jul 2006 13:39:45 +0000

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