[solved] network scanning support for OfficeJet Pro 9022 & 9020

Asked by LinuXoDus


in the compatibility list the OfficeJet Pro 9022e (is) was not listed.

I was wondering if it is possible without big effort to install the printer and scanner (via SAHNE) as a network device on Ubuntu (20.04 meahnwhile 22.04.01.

Thank for your feedback on this matter.

EDIT: printing was never realy an issue but scanning via network does only work since about 22.04 (see comments below)

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brian_p (claremont102) said :

USB or wireless? Wireless would be less of an effort for both of
us on Ubuntu 20.04, but USB is doable.

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :

would be LAN for both print an scan (both with duplex)

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brian_p (claremont102) said :

OK. Printing first. Give

  avahi-browse -rt _ipp._tcp

  avahi-browse -rt _uscan._tcp


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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :

I am not following your comment.

Are does command meant for the terminal?

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :

Tonight I installed hplip-3.21.6 to get an OfficeJet Pro 9020 to work. Since the 9020 and the 9022 are very similar I would supposes there is hope it could work most likely there too.

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :
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brian_p (claremont102) said :

> Are does command meant for the terminal?

The three commands are to be executed in a terminal.

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :


thank you very much for the input.

current HPLIP 3.21.6 supports all HP OfficeJet 902x systems.
Successfully tested on Ubuntu & Kubuntu 20.04 with 9020 and 9022 for printing and scanning via LAN !

PLEASE be aware that there is currently an HPLIP issue for systems where "python" is mapped to "python2".
Just follow the " 3. Fix python-pyqt5 dependency issue" here:
in short it applies
sudo apt install python-is-python3

and then install HPLIP (just follow the howto of the link)

I could not install on a Ubuntu 16.04 which dropped support.

Duplex Scan from Document Feeder with the 9022 was significantly better than with the 9020 (text on the backside at 150 PDI was always distorted about 25% down the page. (100% repeatability!). The 9022 is the new working horse for all the scanning- fast and quiet.

Have fun!

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Orzech (piotr.orzechowski) said (last edit ):

@LinuXoDus, could you perhaps answer the following questions:

1. Did you experience any functional limitations (speed, printing/scanning quality etc.) when using 9022e through LAN/WLAN?
2. Did you have to install the HPLIP Binary Plug-In (https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/binary_plugin.html) to make 9022e work without limitations or to make it work at all?

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :


sorry for the log delay. Yes I did indeed. In fact the printer downloaded and applied a firmware update in September 2021 and I was not able to use the ADF of the scan unit since then.

To make it short - this was my last HP hardware i have purchased for a long time!

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LinuXoDus (linuxodus) said :

PRINTING was always fine but the SCANNER setup is very painful!

STATUS: Meanwhile it seems to work!

Very recently I have moved from Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS to Kubuntu 22.04.01 LTS (new installation, no upgrade).

Here, I have started my final attempt to install the scanning unit of the essentially unused OfficeJet Pro 9022 which turned out to be straight forward.

first fully installed the hplip provided by the kubuntu 22 distro via:
  sudo apt install hplip-gui
 ( I was actually executing "sudo apt install hplip hplip-gui "but "hplip" itself was already installed in version v3.21.12)

after this I executed
and followed the gui installing the printer (without fax)

However no SANE or scanner setup was executed.
Next I started Skanlite (KDE Tool) which did only find one instance of the HP 9022 scanner system with which a first attempt ended with an identical error message "Error during device I/O" as before (for all three options: flatbed, ADF, Duplex) .

executing once:
starts the "the HPLIP Plugin Download and Install Utility" which downloaded and installed the correct plugins for v3.21.12.

Restarting Skanlite and later Gnome Document Scanner v42.0.1 (former simple scan) offered three detected instances of the OfficeJet scan unit.
* hpaio:/net/HP_OfficeJet_Pro_9020_series?ip=192.xxx.xxx.xxx
* hpaio:/net/HP_OfficeJet_Pro_9020_series?ip=192.xxx.xxx.xxx ssl
* eSCL airscan:e1:HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 series

To my surprises only the last option did work properly. That is fine for me for now.

NONETHELESS: Help would be appreciated on how to setup a working network connection via hpaio .

The two most useful links to this solution were the accepted answer in this thread:
and this ubuntuuser entry seems could be very useful (but in German!)

This might help others too.
Good luck!