missing System Tray how to replace it

Asked by Lynne Stevens on 2012-12-17

I keep getting The SYSTEM TRAY is missing and HPLIP and a couple others are saying it is missing . . How do I get it back I just upgraded to 12.10 a few days ago

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Lynne Stevens
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Which release did you upgrade from?

Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said : #2

Went from 10.10 to 12.10 . . Had system tray in10.10 and all things were there and I would have to move about 30 gig os stuff tototally re do

Thomas Kr├╝ger (thkrueger) said : #3

Try this: open a Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run the following line! Then log out and in again!

unity --reset

Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said : #4

Got this when doing that
root@jackie-Aspire-3100:/home/jackie# unity --reset
ERROR: the reset option is now deprecated

Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said : #5

And after restart I got a NO SYSTEM TRAY found by HPLIP but I have WiFi connections and sound back up there ! !
How come weather won't work Installed it un installed it and re installed it . . I miss the tempeture there

You have leapfrogged releases, you cannot upgraded from Maverick to Precise in one leap. It causes issues.

Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said : #7

The DVD said there were 4 options andI clicked the one which said install 12.10 over 10.10 . . . . So Ilet it do it
Means I got to spend days copying stuff over to the backup drive . . then erase the drive in the laptop and reinstall 12.10 and then spend days putting all the stuff back plus re installing Virtual Box and install windblows and add some stuff back in there . . Then add all the programs I have in 12.10 installed now . . I had nothing to do for a week any way LMAO . . Good thing the library is fast likea 8 meg line . .