uninstall ubuntu from Windows xp computer

Asked by Danny Kodat on 2008-07-08

How would a person uninstall Ubuntu 7.01 and put computer back to original configuration with Windows XP. Currently have set up to boot to Ubuntu or Windows using Grub.

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ricardovs (ricardovs) said : #1

you could uninstall ubuntu with your windows XP CD. Boot up from CD-Rom drive and then check partitions on your hard disk drive. Delete partitions for linux (usually /,/home, and swap) and then create a new partition for windows if you will. You will need to use fixmbr from console.
Look up how to use it at microsoft support webpage.

Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said : #2


Note: The following instructions were developed for Windows XP Home Edition.
Other Windows OSs may vary somewhat.

To remove Ubuntu and restore your Windows OS to its original state
System Restore will not work. You must complete three separate
procedures in the following order:

   1. Restore your Master Boot Record (MBR)
   2. Delete the partition
   3. Resize your Windows partition back to its original size

To complete the following instructions you will require two CDs:

* Windows Setup CD
* GParted Live CD. This is the partition management tool I used to
      create these instructions. There are other partition management
      tools available that should also work, but of course the
      instructions will be somewhat different. Instructions for burning
      a copy of the GParted Live CD may be found on the Internet at

and burn the ISO using nero on windows,

More info:

If you are using ubuntu 7.04 or ubuntu 7.10 live CD no need of gparted live CD..

To restore your MBR:

   1. Insert the Windows Setup CD into the CD or DVD tray on your computer.
   2. Restart your computer.
   3. Hit Enter to reboot from the Windows CD when prompted to do so.
   4. Type “R” and hit Enter in Windows Setup to enter the Recovery
      Console. The Recovery Console will appear and list the Windows OSs
      on your machine.
   5. Select the number corresponding to the Windows installation you
      wish to boot into. For most people this will be a “1”. (In some
      versions of the Recovery Console the installations will be
      numbered. In others, you will have to deduce the installation
      number from the order of priority in the list.)
   6. Windows will prompt you for an Administrator password. Try your
      Administrator password or, if your Administrator password does not
      work, hit Enter.
   7. At the Windows prompt, type “fixmbr”.
   8. Type “exit” to restart the computer.

Your computer should restart using the Windows installation you selected.

To delete the Ubuntu partition:

There are several ways you can delete a partition, including Computer
Management (Local) and Command Prompt from within Windows itself (for
more information type “delete partition” in Help and Support in the
Start menu). However, since you will be using the GParted LiveCD anyway,
the following instructions will instruct you in the correct procedure
using the GParted LiveCD. You can go straight from deleting the Ubuntu
partition to resizing the Windows partition. If you have not already
burned a copy of the GParted LiveCD, do so now before continuing below.

   9. Insert the GParted LiveCD in the CD or DVD tray on your PC.
  10. To accept the default boot options hit Enter.
  11. To accept US English language hit Enter.
  12. To accept the default keymap hit Enter.
  13. To accept the default screen depth hit Enter.
  14. Click on the Ubuntu partition in the graphical display.
  15. Press the Delete button.
(or if you are using ubuntu live cd ..)
Pop in the live cd and go system -> administration -> install and repeat steps 14 and 15

To resize the Windows partition:

  16. Click on the Windows partition.
  17. Press the Resize button.
  18. Resize your partition by dragging the left and right borders of
      the graphic representation of the partition to the desired size
      (typically, to the maximum extent possible).
  19. Press the Resize button.
  20. Press the Shutdown button (red arrows in extreme lower right
      corner of the display).
  21. To eject the CD and restart, hit Enter.
  22. The GParted/ubuntu Live CD will eject. Remove the CD from the tray. It is
      not necessary to close the tray manually.
  23. Hit Enter.

Your computer should restart using the Windows installation you selected.

To verify that your Windows partition has been resized, navigate to
Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Defragmenter.
The Capacity is indicated in the fourth column.

Hope that helps,

Bhavani Shankar.

e2256031 (laura-villa65) said : #3

Do you really need to burn the ISO on Nero?

Obviously no you can install and use Infrarecorder http://infrarecorder.org/



e2256031 (laura-villa65) said : #5

Will the process still work if the Window XP Setup CD you have is a premier computer windows setup CD??

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