I cannot see svg/svgz thumbnails in gwenview

Asked by avlas on 2011-10-09

I wonder why I cannot see svg/svgz thumbnails in gwenview browser. I can see them in dolphin though. is it just me or this is a bug?


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Report a bug if you suspect one

You can start the process with:

ubuntu-bug gwenview

avlas (avlas) said : #3

Before submitting a bug I would like to know whether other people suffers the same thing or this is only happening to me. Could anyone test this? This should very easy to do, only browsing with Gwenview a folder that contains svg/svgz files

On the other hand, I cannot start the bug the way you said (with ubuntu-bug gwenview) since Gwenview is not an ubuntu package. This, I guess, is because I use package from kubuntu backports ppa.

Cyber Killer (cyber-killer) said : #4

I see svg thumbs ok, Gwenview 2.4.3, Kubuntu 10.04.3 LTS.

avlas (avlas) said : #5

I use Gwenview 2.7.1 in kubuntu natty. Maybe it's just me or it came with the new Gwenview version or Kubuntu upgrade

Cyber Killer (cyber-killer) said : #6

Checked also in Gwenview 2.6.0, Kubuntu 11.04 - works also ok.

avlas (avlas) said : #7

It seems there is something weird in my system, I'll try to solve it. Thanks Cyber Killer for your comments