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Asked by tsangdavid1 on 2009-12-12


Is there a way to set up gufw firewall to allow only traffic from my wireless router-would this be safer than my current default deny configuration?

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wojox (wojox) said : #1

You really don't even need gufw enabled if using a wireless router. The router acts as a Firewall. Here's their site if you still want more info:

tsangdavid1 (tsangdavid1) said : #2

True but lets say someone manages to bypass the wireless encryption and then gets access to the list of clients on my subnet. Would gufw firewall block access from other clients on my wireless network that are trying to attack me? That is, is the local area network perceived as a safe or trusted zone under gufw?

wojox (wojox) said : #3

True to you. In advanced tab: you put as IP (to or/and from), with format: and this should cover your lan.

tsangdavid1 (tsangdavid1) said : #4

Ok i did what you said in your last post-but what will this do? will it block other connected computers on my wireless network from attacking/connecting to me?

wojox (wojox) said : #5

It will block other computers outside your lan from connecting to you. Other computers on your network should still be able to communicate. That's what you were gunning for correct (set up gufw firewall to allow only traffic from my wireless router)? What services do you have running? What type of configuration do you have set up? A host with some clients? Or just a few desktops and laptops behind a router? I've been running a Linux server and a desktop machine with a few Vista laptops from behind a wireless router for a while and never had any issues, with no firewall.

tsangdavid1 (tsangdavid1) said : #6

At the moment im running my laptop behind a wireless router.

At my current gufw configuration i understand that no computer on the wide area network or internet can connect to me, however i want to make gufw only allow a connection between this individual computer and the wireless router. That way if a hacker was able to log on to my wireless network, then he would only have access to the internet, not direct access to my computer.

wojox (wojox) said : #7

Okay let's see what services are running.

sudo netstat -lntp

Post that back.

wojox (wojox) said : #8

You need not worry about firewall rules at all unless you install a server such as openssh-server because a default Ubuntu install isn't listening for incoming connections anyway, so all ports are closed.

Even if you install a server of some sort, unless you have a specific firewall requirement such as only allowing certain IP addresses to connect then isntalling a firwall is pointless. After installing it (which would block access to your service), you will just have to reconfigure it to allow that service through again. Like building a wall just so you can knock a doorway through it.

tsangdavid1 (tsangdavid1) said : #9

Ok this is what i got back from that sudo command :

Active Internet connections (only servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1565/cupsd
tcp6 0 0 ::1:631 :::* LISTEN 1565/cupsd

What does this all mean?

wojox (wojox) said : #10

It means that you printer port is configured and listening. It can only be accessed from you're machine, so you're pretty safe. No need to worry about being compromised.

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