how to add a copyright or any other special character?

Asked by Angela on 2008-06-03

I have added my keyboard (Logitech Access Keyboard) and it works fine, except:

In none of the software (Evolution mail, gimp, text editor) can I add special characters.
When opening the Character Map, there seems to be only one single font (Common) which has "copyright", "TM", etc. Does that mean, I have to change fonts every time I need a special character?

Then, in the Character Map it says e.g. for copyright to press: U+00A9
Well... I can't hold "U" and press "00A9" quickly enough... so, what's the trick here...:-)

Also, where can I get classics like Times, Arial, Verdana...?

thanks for helping, and sorry... yes I'm a total newbie

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Nick Ellery (nick.ellery) said : #1

The easiest way would be to go to Applications > Accessories > Character Map, and find the copyright symbol, then copy and paste it into the document.

Angela (carpe-diem) said : #2

true, thanks, but that is the "long" way ...:-) it would be sooo much faster to have a key-combination at hand (like Alt+0169 on a PC), don't you think...? So, I wonder if that is possible on ubuntu...?

ather90 (ather90) said : #3

the simpler solution is right click on any panel (up or down) and select "Add to Panel"..from the window select " Character Pallet "..and your are use it just select the character and "Paste it" in your text or where ever u need to

Angela (carpe-diem) said : #4

sounds intresting... but I'm not quite getting it... what panel, where, what do it put there... can I add just that symbol in the menu bar of any software, or what are you saying...

Angela (carpe-diem) said : #5

ok under add/remove software I found "Panel"... I think a little light went on...:-)
thank you

Angela (carpe-diem) said : #6

AHHH ! Panel, ok! got it, YAY, that's what's called taskbar in PC, aha! very cool, thank you

Angela (carpe-diem) said : #7

there is for now only 1 question left:
where are the fonts, and is there Times, Arial, Verdana somewhere available...?

Ralph Janke (txwikinger) said : #8

You can also configure the compose key in your keyboard configuration. In KDE you can use the sequence compose-key o c for © and so on.

Pottie (anthe) said : #9

Go to Synaptic (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager)
Search for msttcorefonts
Install msttcorefonts - OpenOffice etc. should now have Arial & some ather fonts available to use.

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