Window updates much slower under 12.04 than 10.10

Asked by Ron Johnson


I just upgraded from GNOME 2.32 on a PPA-loaded Maverick 10.10 to 12.04 using GNOME Classic No Effects.

Window updates are noticeably slower in apps like gnome term, pysolfc and nethack-x11, while some gtkperf tests are significantly slower on my machine than on my wife's slower machine.

I ran it under all of the Unity and GNOME variants and the times weren't significantly different.

This is a list of the significantly slower gtk operations (along with a couple of faster operations):

We both have the nvidia 295.40 driver installed.
She still runs a PPA-loaded Maverick system.

My system has an Athlon II X4 640 CPU with GeForce 210 GPU while she has a Phenom II X2 555 with 8400GS GPU. Does screen size matter?

Is this a known upstream regression? What package should I file a bug under?


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Can you please give the output of:

sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a: uname -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia

Thanks, also did you upgrade witha clean install or did you upgrade to every release between Maverick and Precise?

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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

Clean install from the 64 bit Live DVD. (Since /home is on it's own partition, I'm able to upgrade w/o much worry.)

# lshw -C display
       description: VGA compatible controller
       product: GT218 [GeForce 210]
       vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
       physical id: 0
       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
       version: a2
       width: 64 bits
       clock: 33MHz
       capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
       configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0
       resources: irq:18 memory:fb000000-fbffffff memory:b0000000-bfffffff memory:ce000000-cfffffff ioport:ef00(size=128) memory:c0000000-c007ffff

# lsb_release -a
LSB Version: core-2.0-amd64:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-amd64:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-amd64:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-amd64:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-amd64:core-4.0-noarch:cxx-3.0-amd64:cxx-3.0-noarch:cxx-3.1-amd64:cxx-3.1-noarch:cxx-3.2-amd64:cxx-3.2-noarch:cxx-4.0-amd64:cxx-4.0-noarch
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Release: 12.04
Codename: precise

# uname -a
Linux haggis 3.2.0-24-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 08:43:22 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
# dpkg -l | grep nvidia
ii nvidia-common 1:0.2.44 Find obsolete NVIDIA drivers
ii nvidia-current 295.40-0ubuntu1 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library
ii nvidia-settings 295.33-0ubuntu1 Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

If you copy and pasted the command I gave, it would not only be easier for you but would also remove any user error. In future, please run commands as given.

If you run:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

Then reboot, it may help

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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

What user error????

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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

"sudo nvidia-xconfig" + reboot had no effect on gtkperf.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Your monitor may not be reporting its ability and so loading the video driver with different options, the xorg.conf file made tells the driver to load with different options

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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

The monitor, video card and binary driver are the same today as they were 48 hours ago (when I upgraded).

What's changed since Sunday afternoon are new versions of:
  Linux kernel (3.0.6 -> 3.2.0)
  X Windows (7.5 -> 7.6)
  Gtk (2.22 -> 3.4.1)
  GNOME(2.32 -> 3.4.1)
  Window Manager (metacity -> mutter)

So, since the hardware and binary driver haven't changed, what do I file the regression bug against?

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :
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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

The desktops (since I tried gtkperf on Unity, Unity2D, Gnome3, Gnome Classic and Gnome Classic No Effects) are definitely *usable*, just noticeably slow to update windows.

This ( comment refers to only getting 5fps in glxgears while I get 3400fps and Tux Racer is definitely playable.

Thus, OpenGL apps perform *well* for me.

So it's definitely a 2D issue.

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Ron Johnson (ron-l-johnson) said :

Since (a) I haven't used the deprecated nv driver in way more than 5 years, and (b) xserver-xorg-video-nv does not exist in Precise, I'm confused as to why this question wuld be reassigned to that package.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

No idea who assigned to nv, I've changed it to gtk-3.0 according to bug report.
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