Failure to boot after recommended update of Grub

Asked by Jim Liebert on 2009-12-12

Having installed 9.10 cleanly and successfully on top of Win 2K, via Wubi, I twice within the past 3 weeks have been recommended to update GRUB by System Update. After updating I've rebooted and fetched up hard aground each time, GNU Grub Version 1.97~beta4 failing to boot a kernel. I am left at the sh:grub> prompt, with perfunctory notice of "Minimal BASH-like line editing support". In my investigation I find no recognizable consistency in amateur advice, and am loath to experiment with imprecise or misunderstood instructions. Please identify this problem and point me to plainly articulated procedure to access or recover my Linux system. I do not want to wipe it again.

I have read that kindred errors have resulted from user failure to allow write-over of the Grub configuration file. I had no such options. I selected the four components of the Grub update as displayed in Update Manager, pushed the Install button and ultimately rebooted.

Win 2K remains fully functional, whose file system I have defragged and HDD I have checked for file integrity and bad sectors. My HDD are both EIDE but Ubuntu reports them as SD1 and SD2. All partitions are NTFS. Win 2K is installed in C:, or Disc 1-1, the only Primary partition in the system. All other partitions are Logical within Extended partitions. Ubuntu was installed in H:, or Disc 2-1.

I recognize I may be knocking at the wrong door. Like all other Ubuntu users, I have no claim against Canonical. Yet Canonical promotes Ubuntu as a universal alternative to Windows and Leopard. I am an end-user: I don't have time to become a system programmer. I would be prepared to pay for help to get over this hump, but if I had to learn the Linux/Unix command set at the outset, I would rebuild this system to run OS 10.6.

Thanks in advance.

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Jim Liebert (jimlbrt) said : #1

Mr. Gorelick,

I apologize for causing my question to be broadcast 3 times. I assumed
that I would be posting to a bulletin board, and made two successive
corrections of grammar in my first post.

James Liebert
Akron, Ohio

On 2009-12-12 22:33, Gabe Gorelick wrote:
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Chris (fabricator4) said : #2

There's instructions for a workaround to this problem here:

The instructions are reasonably straight forward, with the exception that you must know what your Windows boot partition is called (eg sda1 or sda2 usually) and also which kernal version to use. The TAB auto complete will be the most helpful thing in the last case. You may see more than one kernal listed in which case try one then the other if that doesn't work. For some reason 2-6-31-19-generic didn't work on mine, but 2-6-31-14-generic did.

Don't forget to reinstall the grub-pc package after you've booted successfully, otherwise you'll have to do it again next time you boot Ubuntu.

I must say this is a really disapointing bug. I had no warning at all that after an update my Wubi install would completely fail to boot, and for the sake of new users the problem really needs to be addressed.

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