Boot-Repair isn't working

Asked by Guy Levy on 2012-11-11

I have Ubuntu 12.04 on Partition 4-10 (Extended Partition Table Installation)
and Windows 7 on Partition 1-3.
I reinstall windows 7 lately from a certain reason.
My ubuntu disappeared.
I downloaded Ubuntu Secured Remix and made a Live-USB by Lili USB Creator.
I started Boot-Repair and chose Recommended Repair. When i did restart i only saw the ubuntu option in the grub menu.
So i restarted the computer, started Boot Repair again and choose MBR-REPAIR in the advanced options - now only Windows appeared (Started Automatically).
So again, i go back to Boot Repair and choose advanced Repair, Reinstall Grub. But now, in the Grub Location tab i chose the windows OS to start by default. Unfortunately this didn't help and again i got a menu without windows.
I tried the manual way (after restore MBR again), but it couldn't find any appropriate partition to reinstall grub on it (the "ls" found only the windows partition and the live usb).
I would like to get your help. (By the way, i want to notice that from some reason the "/boot/grub/menu.lst" was empty)


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Guy Levy (gaileviav1) said : #2

Thank you for the reply
Well, i don't want to mess too much with it.
I found :
which kinda helped me see both of them again.
But I still want to find a way to put windows on the head of the list.
I know this is not what i asked (from that reason i will mark it as answered) but i will be gratefull if you can help me with task.

If you want Windows as the head then it is 2 commands.

sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober
sudo update-grub

Guy Levy (gaileviav1) said : #4

Thank you! :)

Guy Levy (gaileviav1) said : #5

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.