I just upgraded and now my system won't boot up. It won't boot with the cd either.

Asked by WLB on 2011-04-29

I just upgraded to 11.04, and now my computer won't boot. I can hear the logo, then my screen goes black and nothing. I tried to boot using the cd, and that didn't work. I tried to reinstall using the cd, and it still won't work. What do I do?

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What video chip do you use?

WLB (wlbates) said : #2

Hello, thank you for responding.

 I have no idea what video chip my lap top uses, and I am sure it's not the video card.

I tried shifting while it was loading, and I was able to get to the grub. It loaded in safe mode, and then it displayed an error message about something that didn't load. I think it said D Buss or something to that effect.

I apologize for not being able to describe all the technical terms.

WLB (wlbates) said : #3

When I put the CD in, I am able to get it to the screen with the install options. They won't work. I had no problems with this lap top, which is less than a year old, until I tried to up grade to 11.04 from 10.10 via the update manager.

It's not the card itself, its the config of the OS. Systems with nvidia chips ahve issues with nouveau sometimes so youo need to blacklist it to stop the sstem booting to a black screen. Other chips need to use a bootoption or 2 to make things nice. If you can tell us what you have we may be able to help rather than you just shooting down requests for information based on your assumptions/guesses?

Judson W (judderwocky) said : #5

I had the exact same problem...I don't know what video card you have, but if you have a NVIDIA card or any proprietary video graphics card, you might have to load up in the "recovery mode" oh linux... if you do a restart the boot loader will prompt you for which kernel of linux you want to use... use the reovery mode and select the most basic graphics you can... from there you should be able to load it with the regular recovery console on the login... I logged in, added the driver using the "additional drivers"icon and then restarted normally.

WLB (wlbates) said : #6

I have an e machine, and I do not understand all the technical stuff.

Thank you.

That's fine. If you run:

sudo lshw -C network

It will say, or if you can give the model then we can websearch for the data that way.

WLB (wlbates) said : #8

Sorry for the delay...

The model I have is the E525.

How do I run that?

Thank you again for your help.

I suspect it's the same issue being had over here


My guess is the backlight is not working. /layman speculation.

delance (olivier-delance) said : #10

Which version of Ubuntu is in your CD? If you boot from it, and choose "Try" instead of "Install", do you get desktop?

WLB (wlbates) said : #11

The version of the Ubuntu CD is the new 11.04. When I upgraded from the upgrade manager, and saw there was a problem, I used my main computer to download the new program onto a CD. I was hoping I could use the CD to reinstall or fix what ever the problem was. That didn't work. I tried to use the CD from 10.10 to reinstall the old version, and that wouldn't work either.

No matter what I try, I don't get a desktop.

WLB (wlbates) said : #12


This sounds exactly like my problem. What do I do about it?

delance (olivier-delance) said : #13

Currently, solution is to revert to 10.10. For this, make a backup of /use/home directory, download 10.10 Ubuntu ISO image and put it in a USB key. Then reboot on key, choose "Install" and then "Manual partitioning", associate partitions to right folders and DON'T FORMAT partitions. Ubuntu will only update system files, not user files. If you are very unlucky, some configuration files changed of format between 10.10 and 11.04. In this case, we will see.
And subscribe the bug. Firstly, you will be advised when issue will be fixed. Secondly, you will give more weight to bug, and it will be fix faster.

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