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Asked by Mathew Roy

Hi all,
Every time I update my ubuntu. A new option comes up in the grub boot loader. It displays the older versions of kernel!. I want to see the only the latest one and delete the older versions shown. Hw do I do that?
I have also another trouble!. When I boot normally, the splash screen does not appear only!. The OS works fine but just that the boot screen is missing. The boot screen works fine with the live CD.
I installed UBUNTU in other computers!. but it just works fine on the other computers!..
plz help me out

my system hardware
Processor :-intel pentium 4, 2.8ghz
RAM :-512Mb DDR1
mother brd:-intel 845 GVSR (inbuilt graphics of 64Mb)

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marcobra (Marco Braida)
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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Simply removing the installed old kernels from the system without touching the working one will remove the unwanted rows from grub menu.

you can remove old kernel versions in Synaptic package manager and searching "linux-image".

I think it is always better to have 2 kernel so if one gives you problems you can always return the previous.


You can also use a little app (for Ubuntu 32 bits) that i wrote from myself to optimize Firefox and to do my usual Ubuntu optimization on all pc tha i install...

Please download from

Then open a terminal from Applications → Accessories → Terminal make the file executable by typing:

chmod 700 mb_ubuntu_optimizer-114

then maximize terminal window and run it:


It analyze the system and suggest you terminal commands to copy and paste to remove unused old installed kernels

To run the suggested terminal commands open another terminal window ( we call this terminal B ) and right click on the just opened terminal window top caption title and select "Always on top"

Now copy one row a time from terminal A the proposed suggestion and paste the row into terminal B and press enter

Please ask here if you are in trouble with it...


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Mathew Roy (mathewroy007) said :

Thanx for the help!..
But I am a bit confused!..
When I searched the "linux image" in synanptic, a list appeared!. It had linux image, linux header an so on!. Should I remove the "linux header" too? I am also afraid to remove the linux image, because I just dont know which is the current linux image!.

Plz help me..

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Mathew please try my app... ./mb_ubuntu_optimizer-114

Hope this helps

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Mathew Roy (mathewroy007) said :

Hi dude I cannot download your program!.. The torrent does not seem to be working!..Can u plz give me a direct download link!. Can u plz give me the code too?.

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Best marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

If you can reach torrent download... due your settings or your provider settings please send me a private message using launchpad i will give you a direct link...

Hope this helps

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Mathew Roy (mathewroy007) said :

Thanks marcobra (Marco Braida), that solved my question.