Cant boot into ubuntu with XP dual boot.

Asked by DemonWeb on 2008-09-14

Installed Ubuntu for the first time ( this is my first Linux experience). Downloaded the latest build of 8.04 from the site, made the live disc. Due to unrelated reasons with my disc drives, my method for install was using the Demo and Full Install option, loading into the demo Ubuntu, and then installing. Everything went in fine, had my partition, installed, all good. Restarted the pc so I could boot into the installed Ubuntu instead of the demo on the disk, and when I do, I get:

BusyBot v 1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3 - 5ubuntu12 ), etc, and a prompt saying "(initramfs)" ( sorry if I misspelled that last one )

From what I can google, I need a boot loader or something to make this work, but It's confusing, and for someone with no Linux experience, i'm very much lost. Can someone help me out with the easiest way to get this set up so i can boot into Ubuntu with no problems? Thank you.

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Austin Allen
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Rajkumar.R (rraj-be) said : #1

Initramfs busybox shell shows that your installation was not successful and it was corrupted somewhere at kernel level.

Try to download a new ISO [Dont try to make iso of your own if u r not much experienced] and install from that. .

ronnie_libra (ronnie-libra) said : #2

do you have other OS aside from ubuntu ,let say microsoft windows?i think there was a problem in master boot record (MBR), u can fix this using alternate ubuntu cd. Do you have other partition aside linux os?if none pls try to reinstall ubuntu,make sure to backup all important files, u can use live cd, to transfer it to your flash disk.Check boot sequence in your BIOS,i recommend to make your fist drive where you install kubuntu to be the first boot device.To reinstall ubuntu you should boot first to cd of course.Can you check your memory(RAM) using memtest of live cd to check it.

Best Austin Allen (dubblea13) said : #3

Ubuntu uses the GRUB Bootloader. To reinstall and fix GRUB:

 1. Boot Ubuntu from the LiveCD using the "try" option.
 2. When it's done booting up and such, open Terminal. (Applications -> Accessories ->Terminal)
  * Type the following and press enter:

      find /boot/grub/stage1

  *Using this information, set the root device:

      grub> root (hd0,1)

  * Install Grub:

      grub> setup (hd0)

  *Exit Grub:

      grub> quit

3. Reboot

Now grub should load up and offer Ubuntu AND Windows XP as boot options.

DemonWeb (demonweb) said : #4

Thanks Austin Allen, that solved my question.