Upgraded to 10.04 Grub 2, now menu.lst is right, but it tries to boot into old Kernel

Asked by Jim Fieser

I upgraded Hardy to Lucid and it said that I would need to change menu.lst, but it already had all the 10.04 settings in there. So I rebooted, now at the console all the choices are 8.04, not 10.04 as they are in the menu.lst.

I do have a second spindle that still boots into 8.04, but how can I update-grub from a disk that it wasn't booted from?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you install grub2 and use that

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Jim Fieser (jfieser) said :

Grub 2 got installed with the 10.04 upgrade, but I had 2 spindles and, like a newb, put Hardy on both of them. When I upgraded c0d0p1, Grub 2 installed in the / partition of that spindle. Unfortunately, it's booting GNU GRUB 1.96 from the MBR of c0d1p1 which has the old 8.04 listed in the menu.lst. I tried to apt-get install grub-pc, but it says, "Auto-detection of a filesystem module failed. Please specify the module with the option `--modules' explicitly."

I suppose I could update menu.lst with the correct version of ubuntu in the c0d0p1.

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

Do you have a RAID configuration ?
Could you run following procedure:
provide data about boot configuration

There is a standard script provided to analyze boot configuration.
 Could you download script at:


Then in a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) run command:

    sudo bash boot_info_script055.sh

This will produce a file named: RESULTS.txt
 Paste content of this file in http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and provide in this thread the link to Web page.
 Please don't post file directly in thread, else it will make thread difficult to read.

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Jim Fieser (jfieser) said :

It's 2 raid spindles and both had the original OS installed. When you boot the Raid 1 c0d0p1, it mounts the other Raid 5 spindle c0d1p1 as /r5. The menu.lst I had to edit was /r5/boot/grub/menu.lst.
So it is booting now, but it is apparently still using the old 1.96 grub.

I did put the boot info here:

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

Sorry, but I'm not able to manage RAID configuration. And I have currently too much questions to answers.
You talk of 1.96 grub and menu.lst, but menu.lst is used with 0.97. 1.96 uses grub.cfg.