How do I use the GPS on my Lenovo Ericsson F5521gw 3G module in Ubuntu

Asked by Marius B. Kotsbak on 2011-06-03

This module is branded for different brands, but I have one branded for Lenovo.

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Marius B. Kotsbak (mariusko) said : #1

Download mbm-gpsd as described here:

If you use a Lenovo module, apply the following patch:

and then install mbm-gpsd.

You also need "gpsd" package.

To get these packages into Ubuntu, follow bug #783220.

This `wvdial` based howto worked for me

Advantage of wvdial approach: you just need to edit one simple configuration file and do not need to deal with missing dependencies, autoconf, compiler error messages etc.

After sending some Hayes modem like AT commands (via wvdial), the GPS part of the Ericsson module is activated and starts sending NMEA sentencies on a virtual serial port. These are understood by the `gpsd` and can be used in any gpsd aware application including foxtrotgps, firefox etc.