Reinstalling 14.04 from 14.10 how to

Asked by Mike on 2015-01-24

I want to get rid of 14.10 and go back to 14.04. I have a 14.04 LiveCD but my desktop won't boot from it. When I try to reboot I end up still with 14.10 active. I also have Gparted but deleting the partitions doesn't allow me to go back to 14.04 without all my data being lost.
Ive searched for similar questions but haven't come across one with a solution.

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You need to tell your BIOS to boot CD first.
You can only go back to 14.04 by wiping the current install off, then installing the release you desire. You can restore your user data from your backups.

Mike (mike-s-gard) said : #2

I decided. To unmount both partitions and then deleted them. Rebooted from LiveCD. Everything fine now. Thanks for the assistance Andrew.
As an aside, someone threatened to ban me from asking questions. I'm an old bloke trying to learn something new so it was a bit unfriendly.

When did I threaten to ban you from anything at all?

Mike (mike-s-gard) said : #4

Not you mate. I went to ask a question and a message appeared saying I was in danger of being banned because my questions were poorly received or words to that effect.

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Ypu only have 2 questions. Here are ALL the questions you have ever asked

You are talking garbage

Mike (mike-s-gard) said : #6

Pardon? It was a warning in red printing that appeared on top of the page where I was about to post my last question to you. I don't talk garbage. So there's really no need to insult me.
Anyway, I'm very grateful for the help you provided and I have learnt a little more about Ubuntu. If I get a similar warning I'll do a screen shot and post it for you to see.