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Asked by Tim on 2014-12-23


Complete newbie with Linux

just wondering if there is a way to downsize your boot partition without using a "live cd" ??

I want to downsize my bot partition to about 150gb so that I can do a dual boot, with linux and windows 7 or 8.1
all help welcomed

love and care Tim :P

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Hej, testa minska först i Windows genom att dra reglaget. Sen kan du testa i gparted i linux liv cd.

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> New question #259549 on gparted in Ubuntu:
> Hej
> Ny med linux :P
> Jag bara undrar om det finns något sätt att ändra storleken på en partition utan att starta upp med en "live cd" ??
> för ska köra dubbla OP, så tänka minska ner min linux disk till typ 150gb så jag kan använda resten till windows 7 eller 8.1
> mycket tacksam för hjälpen
> Mvh Tim
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Tim (timpa-224) said : #2

har linux i datorn just nu, så tänkte om det fanns något sätt jag kunde minska den utan at behöva starta om datorn?

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

You cannot resize the partition that contains the operating system of the session that you are running. So you have to boot from some other medium. Usually that is done with a live boot session, booted either from a DVD or from a bootable USB-stick.

Tim (timpa-224) said : #4

okay then I will have to try that, but if I already have linux on my computer can I still use a live boot to resize it?

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #5

When you boot into a live system (from a DVD or USB device), you have the choice to "Install Ubuntu on this system" or "Try Ubuntu without installing".
What you have to use is "Try Ubuntu". In that mode you will get a normal desktop session with full access to your hard disk(s) and the possibility to resize the partitions.

There is a certain risk that something fails during such repartitioning activities (inadvertently pressing the wrong button, etc.), so it is recommended to make backup copies of your important data to another device, e.g. an USB hard disk, before you start.

Tim (timpa-224) said : #6

Okay thanks for the help, I will try that and give you and answer if it worked :)

Tim (timpa-224) said : #7

Thx for all the help the problem has been solved :)