Partitioning a Mac hard drive

Asked by Name Withheld on 2011-04-24

So I am setting up Kubuntu on my friends Mac, and despite the issues mac pose I have been able to get all the way into kubuntu. But now I need to partition it. It looks difficult and his dad (and him) will never let me touch a computer in his house again if I skrew it over.


Somthing you should really know is that I am runnig 10.4, Frikkn Tiger (the reason for installing Kubuntu).

K so I want 10GB's of memory for Kubuntu.

If you need more information tell me how to take a screenshot, or if I can't take one when your in the install screen.

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Make sure you make it REALLY clear for me I am a Linux Noob and will screw the computer anyway if you don't give it to me strait.

You can resize the partition in gparted

This will help. Make sure the backups are up to date in case of catastrophe too.

Not to be rude but the reason I always ask questions on here is because the Documentation tells me everything I need to know without telling me what to do to fix it.

Can you expand on "fix it" please...

It seems like the documentations tell you whats wrong but not what to do. A perfect example... I might post it later if I find it again. A perfect example is where it was telling you how to get a wireless adapter to work so you can go on the internet. I found the article about that and it told me to download a program (NIDISK or something like that) off the internet...... even though they should assume that I can't get on the internet, yet the program I needed was on the disk just waiting to be installed if someone needed it

oh also to that last post: , in the "Using Windows Wireless Drivers" it just told me to find the ".inf" file for my windows driver, which at the time I had no idea where that was (when they easaly could of said a few places that it might be located) or later which one that was when there was 2 for every windows OS

sorry..... no that was the wrong address that was a different one this is the right one:

You may find the wireless chip you use has a native driver. I suggest you run the liveCD environment and play. This will not change the internal drive as it runs in a RAM disk.

Oh well I already solved that................. I was just giving an example. and that wasn't even this threads question.......................

delance (olivier-delance) said : #10

Firstly check if you have a DOS or an EFI partition table. You could see this with a live session, and System->Administration->Gparted

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